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Les Williams re-elected as President of IKF Africa

Les Williams, President of the South African Korfball Federation and incumbent President of IKF Africa, has been re-elected as President of the continental body. Kaluba Kangwe, President of the Korfball Federation of Zambia, was elected Vice-President, while Tarirai Chadebah (President of the Zimbabwe Korfball Federation) retained his position as Secretary General.

Elections took place at the Annual General Meeting of IKF Africa today in Lusaka, Zambia. The meeting extensively discussed developments on the continent. All five currents member federations of IKF Africa were present. Representatives of the new korfball community in Mozambique attended the meeting as guests, while President Williams noted that active communities in Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Morocco are expected to join the IKF soon.

IKF President Fransoo was present at the meeting. He noted the success of the 3rd IKF All-African Korfball Championship as a major step forward, and announced the IKF wants to continue the close collaboration with IKF Africa and the national associations to continue the path of development while aiming for financial independence of the national associations in Africa.

Composition of the Executive Committee of IKF Africa
President : Mr Les Williams – South Africa
Vice President : Mr. Kaluba Kangwa – Zambia
Secretary General : Mr. Tarirai Chadebah – Zimbabwe
Additional member development : Bothle Mogapelwa – Botswana
Addition Member Competitions : Elsie Theyse – South Africa
Additional Member : Mzee Makawa- Malawi

Delegates at the General Meeting of IKF Africa 2014 in Lusaka President Williams and Vice-President Kangwe of IKF Africa

Zimbabwe announces team for Africa Championships

The Zimbabwe Korfball Federation has announced the composition of their national team that will compete in the IKF All-Africa Championship, starting on August 6 in Lusaka, Zambia.

The team consists of the following players:

1 Marciline Chibaya
3 Shamiso Dhliwayo
4 Tafadzwa Moreblessing Jjumo
5 Roseline T Kumvekera
7 Tafara Muzvidziwa
8 Farai W Muparutsa
8 Nyasha Chikuya
10 Stabile Rutendo Ngandini
11 Trevor J Sanyatwa
12 Tamakiwa Dalton Nesbert Matyukira
14 Wisdom T Shinya
15 Lenon P Makureya

Godfrey Kwangari will be the coach that will try to beat favorites South Africa to win the African title for the first time, although also newcomers Zambia and Malawi should be beaten to reach this objective. The African champion will gain automatic entry into next year’s World Championship in Belgium.

The team and coach are advised by technical director Riko Kruit from the Netherlands. Kruit is an experienced coach in the Netherlands Korfball League and has been involved before with development work in Africa.

The team has been equipped with a totally new kit thanks to korfball club KVS from the Netherlands.

African Korfball Championship to be contested at Olympic Center in Zambia

With only a few days to go, teams are finalizing the preparation for the IKF All-Africa Korfball Championship in Zambia. South Africa and Zambia will contest the first match of the event on August 6, which will conclude with the finals played on August 8. The full match schedule is available in our event listing.

For the first time ever, four teams will participate in the IKF All-African Korfball Championship. Clear favorite for the title is the reigning champion South-Africa, having won all previous events on the continent. Vice-champion Zimbabwe will however be a firm rival, having just finished an extended training camp lead by their technical director Riko Kruit. Host country Zambia and newcomer Malawi complete the pack. The four countries will contest the African title to secure a single spot in next year’s World Championship in Belgium.

This is the third edition of the event. The first edition was held in South Africa in 2006, while the 2010 edition was hosted in Zimbabwe. On both occasions, only two teams took part with South Africa crowned as champion on both occasions.

The venue for the event is the Olympic Youth Development Center in Lusaka, Zambia. The IKF is pleased for the event to take place in this venue that was funded by the International Olympic Committee.

Korfball Introduction Course in Ghana

West Africa’s first IKF course was held recently. Conducted by Mr Theo van der Linde from 4 to 8 May 2014, in Ghana, the Introduction Course for Korfball Coaches and Referees received generous support from the Swan Fund.

Introducing korfball to Ghana creates a link between the southern part of Africa, Zone VI, where korfball is established in a number of countrires, and the northern region, where Morocco might soon become an IKF member country.

All participants on the course in Ghana were enthusiastic and eager to learn about a new sport. Word about korfball spread quickly, and new participants joined at each session. A total of 56 participants attended the course for at least one day, with 38 receiving the IKF certificate on the final day, comprising 28 qualifying as coaches and 10 as referees.

Because korfball is a new sport in Ghana, the course aimed to build up skills and awareness from the grassroots, so the group was a mix of ages, genders, experience and skills. The basic idea is always: “Korfball is fun”.

On the first day Theo van der Linde met with the Chief of the region, which should prove valuable in promoting korfball wider throughout the country when the local Chief attends the monthly national meeting of all Chiefs, where they talk about what happens in their own region, and where korfball is likely to be discussed.

It was fun to see children of the school and community start shooting from the moment they have the opportunity to get the ball. At the moment the participants are playing a match, the other balls are available for the kids and there is always someone who is feeling responsible.

During the introduction course the first steps were taken to set up a regional and national organisation, with establishment of Ghana’s first korfball board of was. Their first goal is to set up a korfball competition in Ghana’s Volta region recognized by the National (Sport) Organization. The Board of Ghana Korfball has shown interest to be affiliated to the IKF as soon as possible.

Every day was an additional (free) meeting of about 1 hour where several items are discussed by referees and coaches. Topics are rules of course, behavior of coaches, referees and players, several tasks of a coach and how to deal with the different kinds of interest. The participants have made an agreement to have a buddy (also for the coming period), so they can together grow to a higher standard.

On the last morning of the coaching course, the participants prepared a training session for children in the community, which they ran themselves that afternoon. Assembly member Mr Joenathan Agbeka attended this session, which ended with a tournament under the responsibility of the new coaches and referees. Six teams with children of all ages played matches. While team Vieri won the final, in learning a new sport, everyone involved eneded up as a winner.

A live radio broadcast about korfball’s introduction in Ghana was also a feature of the last day for a project that looks set to be a big step in the development of African korfball.

The IKF Council

IKF Council in 2013 as elected after the General Meeting 27 October 2013 in Lisbon (POR).
From left to right:
Mr Tim MILLER (AUS), Mr Milan SCHWARZ (CZE), Mrs Helen SEARLE (AUS), Mr Gert DIJKSTRA (NED), Mr Graham CRAFTER (ENG), MR Inglish HUANG (TPE), Dr Jan FRANSOO (president) (NED), Mr Frans WALVIS (NED), Mr Frank Buvens (BEL), Mrs Danielle RUTS (BEL), Mr Les WILLIAMS (SAF)

IKF World Korfball Congress and General Meeting

Friday 25, Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 October 2013 around 50 delegates and IKF Council members are in Lisbon, Portugal for the bi-annual IKF World Korfball Congress and General Meeting. The Portuguese Korfball Federation (FPC) hosts this event.

Friday and Saturday are scheduled for the IKF Congress with sessions on competitions, new korfball formats, refereeing, changes in age groups, the international korfball calendar, communications, media, social media, equal gender, the Year of the Youth. Further the IKF President, Dr Jan Fransoo, and the FPC President, Mr. Mario Almeida, will sign the contract for the next IKF European Korfball Championship in 2014 in Portugal. A Portuguese Secretary of State will give a speech to all delegates on Friday afternoon to honor the IKF Congress.

Sunday morning 27 October is reserved for the IKF General Meeting. All 59 IKF member countries are invited. Based on the countries present in Lisbon from all over the world over 85% of all voting rights will be present in the General Meeting. The General Meeting is the last part of the official program.

New website for korfball coaches

After last IKF Level IV “High Performance Coach” course was held from 27th August – 1st September 2013, the new website for korfball coaches was launched at .

The website is created to share content about the training and coaching of korfball, so all coaches are invited to log in and share information about their training exercises. At the same time they can find information about coaching materials, courses, etc.

To participate in “Coaching Korfball” website requires logging in including personal information, therefore it will allow IKF to create a database recruiting information from persons involved in coaching at all levels: from P.E. Teachers need to find exercises for their trainings to regular korfball coaches in different parts of the world.

“Coaching Korfball” website contains different sections to feed the background of coaches formation. In the section Training exercises, you may find exercises for trainings at different levels; to IKF Education where there is information about courses and clinics. At the same time there are some other sections as Rules and Promotional , where registered coaches and P.E. Teachers can find materials to show the very basics of korfball.

IKF Africa Year of Youth Event Finished

Saturday 28 September is the IKF Year of Youth 2013 event in IKF AFrica finished with the last clinics.

A whole week several korfball activities were held in Harare (Zimbabwe).

The week started with clinics for coaches and referees, conducted by Mr Riko Kruit and Mr Theo van der Linde. The 23 participants were coming from Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. It was a group with mixed experiences and skills, some are involved in korfball in their country for some time yet, and others had no experience at all. It was a challenge for the instructors to keep the clinics for all participants and they succeeded.

Thursday and Friday was the IKF Africa Year of Youth U19 tournament. Unfortunately both Botswana and Mozambique could not realize to send a representative team and had to withdraw. Because of this the U19 teams of Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa played a full competition these two days. The most experienced South African Under 19 squad finished tops at the first ever regional Zone Six Youth Korfball Tournament, making a clean sweep of victory in all their four matches.

As side event during the International Tournament a school korfball tournament outside the sports hall was held. Here could be seen the future for Africa (e.g. Zimbabwe) is sunny, the young players were very enthusiastic, but also showed having already good korfball skills.

As said on Saturday the last clinics were conducted and all teams were going home in knowledge they were part of a historic event.

The press attended the clinics as well the tournament. Friday evening Zimbabwean Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) did spend about 10 minutes at prime time to show korfball nationwide.

Also national newspapers reported and were lyric in their reaction.

We strongly believe this event will show to be a big step in development on the African continent.

Results IKF Africa Year of   Youth U19 Tournament


  Zimbabwe Zambia  9 – 3  
  Zambia South   Africa  5 – 15  
  Zimbabwe South   Africa  5 – 17  


  South   Africa Zimbabwe  13 – 4  
  South   Africa Zambia  18 – 0  
  Zambia Zimbabwe  5 – 9  
  #   matches points scored against
South   Africa
















Year of Youth Africa Zone VI U19 korfballevent

From Tuesday 24 September till Sunday 29 September the big African Year of Youth Festival will be held in Harare, Zimbabwe.

It is the first time ever there is an IKF Africa continental event where all Zone VI countries will participate.

Coach and referee clinics will be conducted. Further there is a tournament for representing U19 teams of Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Malawi, Botswana and Mozambique.

All countries are preparing their teams to be able to get a good result.

As side event a korfball tournament for primary schools of Harare will be held.

This primary school event is sponsored by the Swan Fund.

Botlhe Mogapelwa Youth Sports Ambassador

The International Alliance for Youth Sports (IAYS) has officially selected Botlhe Mogapelwa of Botswana as a Game On! Youth Sports Ambassador. By becoming an Ambassador, he joins a growing worldwide consortium comprised of dedicated individuals who are strong advocates of the power of sports in making a positive difference in the lives of children.

Mogapelwa founded the Korfball Association Botswana (KAB) in 2008 and he represented Botswana in the setting up of the African Continental Korfball Federation (ACKF) and the Zone Six Korfball Federation (ZKF) in 2009. ZKF has since been affiliated with the Supreme Council For Sport in Africa.

“I first met Botlhe in 2008 in Gaborone when we introduced korfball to Botswana,” said Chris Theyse, the International Korfball Federation Development Officer for the African Continent. “Botlhe seems to be a motivated person with a clear set of goals in life. Given the difficult circumstances experienced during the introduction and expansion of korfball in Botswana, he is indeed a person that can stick to his goals and can execute a demanding task over a long period of time.”