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International Korfball Federation largely cancels 2020 International Calendar (Updated)

Update 22 April 2020

In alignment with the KNKV, the IKF had decided to cancel the IKF Beach Korfball World Cup (Europe 2020), which was planned for 7-8 August 2020 in The Hague, The Netherlands.

The Dutch government has announced that the ban on (sport)events in The Netherlands has been extended to 1 September 2020, which automatically means that no event can take place in August. The IKF will not look for another date in 2020 for this event.

Although this announcement probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you following the earlier cancelation of IKF events, it is still a sad moment. However, the IKF would like to thank the Royal Dutch Korfball Federation (KNKV) for their preparational work

Update 4 April 2020

In an extraordinary meeting of the IKF Executive Committee, joined by the Vice-Presidents for Asia and Oceania, the International Korfball Federation has decided to largely cancel or postpone its 2020 international competitions. The global spread of the Covid19 epidemic effectively precludes many international competitions to be held, and creates so much financial and organizational uncertainty to hosts and competitors that many decisions to cancel events can no longer be postponed.

The U21 World Korfball Championship (Taipei, TPE), Asian Korfball Championship (Seoul, KOR), European Korfball Championship/A (Antwerp, BEL), and European Korfball Championship/B (Wroclaw, POL) have all been postponed to 2021.

In coordination with the IKF, the Royal Dutch Korfball Association has decided to cancel the U17 Korfball World Cup (Eindhoven, Netherlands), and U15 European Korfball Championship (Drachten, Netherlands). Both events had been patronaged by the IKF.

Decisions with regard to the Beach Korfball World Cup (The Hague, Netherlands) and Asian U16/U19 Korfball Championship (Udon Thani, Thailand) have been deferred to a later date. The qualifying round for next year’s Europa Cup has also been canceled, and the IKF will review the situation for next year’s Europa Cup and Europa Shield in light of the developments of the various national leagues in Europe. Most European countries have suspended their leagues until further notice.

Jan Fransoo, President: “The IKF is very sad having to take this decision, which was inevitable. Foremost, the health and well-being of all athletes, officials and fans is our first priority. In addition, hosts are currently facing high financial risks and we need to enable them to develop contingency plans early on. We are in close contact with our major event organizers and will be in touch with all event hosts over the next few weeks to further discuss the consequences for the 2020 and later events”

This decision, along with the earlier decision of the International World Games Association to postpone The World Games to 2022, will have major consequences for the entire competition calendar of the IKF for 2021, 2022, and potentially 2023. The Executive Committee in its meeting today reviewed all options and will consult with host cities and other stakeholders over the next few weeks. It is expected that the revised competition calendar for the upcoming years will be announced before the end of April. Decisions with regard to next year’s Europa Cup and Europa Shield will be made latest by July 1, 2020. The final decision with regard to the Beach Korfball World Cup will be made not later than June 1, 2020.


IKF WKC 2023 bidding status

The IKF Executive Committee received three (3) bids from IKF member countries as potential organisers of the IKF World Korfball Championship 2023 (IKF WKC).

The bids came from (in alphabetical order) Chinese Taipei, Czech Republic and The Netherlands.

All three bids are received in time and look promising. The challenge is to make the bids even better in the months ahead of us.

The IKF Exco appointed a committee of three (1) to evaluate the bids, (2) to support the countries in further development of the bids, (3) prepare a report for the IKF Exco and the IKF Council and (4) guide the countries towards a formal presentation on day 2 of the IKF Congress Tuesday 6 August 2019 in Durban, South Africa. The presentations are open for all korfball involved persons present in Durban, except for all representatives of the three bidding countries. The IKF Council will evaluate the presentations and the report in its meeting Wednesday 7 August 2019. Based on these evaluations the IKF Council will take a decision. The decision will be made public in the IKF General Meeting Friday 9 August by Jan Fransoo, IKF President.

The evaluation committee of three consists of Joana Faria, Gert Dijkstra and Frans Walvis (as chair).

South Africa and Zimbabwe qualified for IKF WKC 2019 in Durban, South Africa

Congratulations to South Africa for winning the gold at the IKF All Africa Korfball Championship 2018 hold in Harare, Zimbabwe, from 27 to 29 April 2018. Also congratulations to Zimbabwe for the silver medal. Their victory against South Africa was impressive and it demonstrates the great development of korfball in this country. We’re looking forward to seeing both teams compete at next year’s 2019 IKF World Korfball Championship in Durban, South Africa.

1st: South Africa
2nd: Zimbabwe
3rd: Zambia

Also much appreciation for the team of Zambia, winning their first-ever medal at an All-African Korfball Championship. The IKF appreciates all their efforts in bringing a team to Harare.

Games, statistics and results: Game reports:

A lot of other activities took place around this event: clinics for (assistant) referees and jury members, friendly matches between schools from the neighbourhood, meeting with the representatives of the African National Korfball Organisations and the official General Meeting of IKF Africa that took place on Saturday, April 28th.

Pictures by Theo van der Linde & Corinne Buckland.

IKF All African Korfball Championship (IKF AAKC) 2018

The IKF All African Korfball Championship (IKF AAKC) will take place in Chitungwiza, near Harare in Zimbabwe.

The Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex will be the venue where three (3) national teams will compete from 27 – 29 April 2018 to become the next All African Korfball Champion.

The address is: 14092 New Zengeza 4, Chitungwiza

South Africa is the reigning IKF All African Korfball Champion.

PARTICIPANTS (officialy subscribed; 25 April): South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


Today starts the IKF All African Korfball Championship 2018

From March 27th to 29th 2018, the National teams of South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe will face each other at the IKF All African Korfball Championship 2018 (IKF AAKC) that will take place in the city of Chitungwiza, near Harare in Zimbabwe.

The Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex will be the venue where this three national teams will compete to become the next All African Korfball Champion. South Africa is the reigning champion.

Follow all games and results on



IKF Event Site on FB (images and recaps): Click here

All information, pools, tournament rules and matches schedule are available on

All images, reports, videos and curiosities will be available also on IKF social media profiles (#AAKC2018):

Continental Championships 2018: Africa and the Americas

The year 2018 is the year of the IKF Continental Korfball Championships. Spread over the year all continents will celebrate their championship. An important year for all countries, because apart from ‘just’ competing for the continental title, the continental events are being used as qualification events for the IKF World Korfball Championship (IKF WKC) July/August 2019 in Durban, South Africa.

The first Continental Championship of the year is the IKF Pan-American Korfball Championship (IKF PAKC). This championship will be celebrated in Cali, Colombia. From Friday 2 March until Sunday 4 March the Colombian Korfball Federation is in charge of the organisation of the second edition of the IKF PAKC. With at least five countries participating, the first two teams of the event will automatically qualify for the IKF WKC.

The second Continental Championship of the year is the All Africa Korfball Championship (IKF AAKC). This championship will be celebrated in the city of Chitungwiza – Harare, Zimbabwe. From Friday 27 April until Sunday 29 April the Zimbabwe Korfball Federation is in charge of the organisation of the fourth edition of the IKF AAKC. With two secured places for Africa on the IKF WKC and South Africa being the host of the IKF WKC, only the best African team qualifies for the IKF WKC. In the case of South Africa winning the championship, also the number two of the African Continent will qualify.

The announcement of the other two IKF Continental Championships in 2018; IKF Asia-Oceania Korfball Championship and the IKF European Korfball Championship will follow in a later stadium. Both events will be organised later in the year.

New appointment supports French-speaking international development

With the recent re-invigoration of French korfball, and korfball development gaining momentum in numerous African Francophone countries, the IKF’s Development and Education Committee (DEC) has added Dirk Sercu to its membership, with his appointment to the new role as development officer for French-speaking countries.

Bringing a long and distinguished korfball career as a player and coach in Belgium and the Netherlands to his new role, as well as coaching England’s national senior team from 2003 to 2007, Dirk was also recently appointed as coach of Belgian champion club Boeckenberg.

His first official duty as a member of the DEC is a visit to Ivory Coast from 1 to 10 July, where Dirk and DEC colleague Theo van der Linde will participate in a series of clinics and other activities administered by Federation Ivoirienne de Korfball.

This is the second recent appointment aimed at sustaining korfball development in new IKF member countries. In May the IKF DEC appointed Peter Busik of Slovakia as project manager for Eastern Europe. An international player and referee, Peter’s new role is to support and consolidate korfball development activities in various countries including Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Greece and Armenia.

IKF Level III “Youth Coach Camp” join International Week Dordrecht 2015

Some exciting events are underway this week from 16 to 22 August in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. First of all, IKF in liaison with KNKV run the IKF Level III “Youth Coach Camp”. An international group of 22 coaches perform under guidance of current coach of Dutch korfball champion PKC, Mr. Ben Crum. He is appointed as a program manager for this course. Mr. Crum lead a group of prestigious coaches invited to guide the participants in the “Youth coach camp” and learn all about coaching drills at youth level. Amongst this group of tutors, coach of Dutch national team Mr. Wim Scholtmeijer, Mr .Jan Sjouke van den Bos, head of coaches for the KNKV and Mr Detlef Elewaut, coach of Belgium national team, conduct some of the sessions.

During the week several training sessions take place at different Dordrecht clubs featuring local korfballers from 11 to 16 years coming from the clubs: DeetosSnel, Sporting Delta, Movado, Oranje Wit, KC Dordrecht together with some players from KC Barcelona. The training sessions will be useful as a practice for the 22 coaches from 15 different countries representing all five continents. They participate this week in order to obtain the IKF level III diploma for international coaches:

Coach Country M/F
1 Javi Navarro Catalonia M
2 Nigel Cooper Scotland M
3 David Konecny Czech Republic M
4 Bandor Nagy Hungary M
5 Kevin De Waele Belgium M
6 Joe Stirling England M
7 Liandri Theyse South Africa F
8 Danie Smith South AFrica M
9 Pardeep Dahiya India M
10 Alice Chinese Taipei F
11 Bird Chinese Taipei F
12 Karen Fuchs Germany F
13 Keisuke Mashiba Japan M
14 Anna Schutze Germany F
15 Daniel Rivillini Brazil M
16 Maria J. Capparelli Argentina F
17 Sebastian J. Iula Argentina M
18 Diego Rodrigo Argentina M
19 Luciana Bortoletto Brazil F
20 Rosa Cooper New Zealand F
guest Chattha Imtiaz Ahmad Pakistan M
guest Hashmi Shamsa Pakistan F

For some years, IKF and KNKV work closely together in order to involve all korfball nations pursuing to raise their level of play.

For that purpose we provide coaches with a complete program for coaching youth teams. This should be planned and executed with accuracy; furthermore the IKF Level III “Youth Coach Camp” is an opportunity to enjoy a unique experience, sharing one week with coaches from all around the world in the excellent environment of one of the greatest korfball cities in the world and hosted by well-known club DeetosSnel. The clubs from Dordrecht opens its doors to an international program for coach education and provide the best facilities to perform during this week.


IKF Ranking 2014

Following the IKF Continental Championships in 2014 in Americas, Africa, Asia, Oceania and Europe and the IKF U21 European Korfball Championship the IKF has prepared a new revised overall ranking.
The IKF publishes the revised ranking in general once a year.

Ranking end 2014 Ranking end 2013 Country Code Points
1 1 Netherlands NED      188.000
2 2 Belgium BEL      182.125
3 3 Chinese Taipei TPE      174.750
4 5 Portugal POR      159.875
5 4 England ENG      158.500
6 8 Czech Republic CZE      136.500
7 6 Catalonia CAT      133.000
8 9 Australia AUS      130.750
9 7 Germany GER      126.625
10 10 China CHN      117.000
11 11= Russia RUS      112.125
12 11= Hong Kong China HKG      112.000
13 15 Poland POL      111.250
14 16 Hungary HUN      108.250
15 14 South Africa RSA      101.000
16 18 New Zealand NZL        91.000
17 13 India IND        73.250
18 23 Scotland SCO        72.500
19 20 Turkey TUR        70.000
20 21 Ireland IRE        69.500
21 19 Slovakia SVK        68.750
22 22 Serbia SRB        66.000
23 17 Wales WAL        63.250
24 26 Zimbabwe ZIM        52.000
25 35 Malaysia MAS        48.000
26 27 France FRA        46.750
27 25 Sweden SWE        45.000
28 31 Korea KOR        42.250
29 24 Romania ROU        39.000
30 30 Greece GRE        35.250
31 34 Macau China MAC        34.750
32 33 Japan JPN        33.000
33 38 Indonesia INA        22.750
34= 28 Luxembourg LUX        21.250
34= 29 Armenia ARM        21.250
36 43= Brazil BRA        19.000
37 42 Zambia ZAM        17.000
38 Colombia * COL        14.000
39 32 Italy ITA        12.000
40 37 United States USA        10.000
41= 43= Malawi MAL          8.000
41= Mexico * MEX          8.000
42 36 Pakistan PAK          6.000
43 39 Bulgaria BUL          4.000
44= 40 Cyprus CYP          3.000
44= 41 Nepal NEP          3.000
46= 43= Argentina ARG          1.000
46= 43= Aruba ARU          1.000
46= 43= Belarus BLR          1.000
46= 43= Bosnia & Herzegovina BIH          1.000
46= 43= Botswana BOT          1.000
46= 43= Canada CAN          1.000
46= 43= Croatia CRO          1.000
46= 43= Curacao CUR*          1.000
46= 43= Denmark DEN          1.000
46= 43= Dominican Republic DOM          1.000
46= 43= Finland FIN          1.000
46= 43= Georgia GEO          1.000
46= 43= Mongolia MGL          1.000
46= 43= Singapore SIN          1.000
46= 43= Surinam SUR          1.000
* = prov. Member

Ghana 62nd IKF member

The Ghana Korfball Federation is the 62nd member of the International Korfball Federation. The Council of the IKF approved Saturday 1 November 2014 the membership application of the GKF, following positive advice from IKF Africa and subject to final ratification by the IKF General Meeting in November 2015 in Belgium.


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