South Africa and Zimbabwe qualified for IKF WKC 2019 in Durban, South Africa

Congratulations to South Africa for winning the gold at the IKF All Africa Korfball Championship 2018 hold in Harare, Zimbabwe, from 27 to 29 April 2018. Also congratulations to Zimbabwe for the silver medal. Their victory against South Africa was impressive and it demonstrates the great development of korfball in this country. We’re looking forward to seeing both teams compete at next year’s 2019 IKF World Korfball Championship in Durban, South Africa.

1st: South Africa
2nd: Zimbabwe
3rd: Zambia

Also much appreciation for the team of Zambia, winning their first-ever medal at an All-African Korfball Championship. The IKF appreciates all their efforts in bringing a team to Harare.

Games, statistics and results: Game reports:

A lot of other activities took place around this event: clinics for (assistant) referees and jury members, friendly matches between schools from the neighbourhood, meeting with the representatives of the African National Korfball Organisations and the official General Meeting of IKF Africa that took place on Saturday, April 28th.

Pictures by Theo van der Linde & Corinne Buckland.

South Africa en route to winning African title, despite loosing to Zimbabwe [updated]

Zimbabwe beat South Africa yesterday for the first time in history in an official senior match (17-13), but is still headed to retain their African Championship title today as both Zimbabwe and South Africa face Zambia, which so far has lost all matches by a large margin.

On Friday, South Africa had beat Zimbabwe 20-16. Consequently, in their mutual result the teams were even in wins and in goal difference, so the decision on the ranking has come from the team scoring most goals in the winning match (South Africa scoring 20 vs Zimbabwe scoring 17).

Zimbabwe especially impressed with their leading scorers Tatenda Mupanduki and Nqobizita Billy Melusi, while South African veteran Werner Basson, who completed his 50th official international match for South Africa on Sunday, was decisive for their side.

If both teams do what they are expected to do today, South Africa and Zimbabwe will advance to next year’s World Championship in Durban (RSA).


Extensive report below – Games, statistics and results:

DAY 1 REPORT: Friday, April 27th, 2018

After a successful week with 30 participants from Zimbabwe for the coaching and referee course conducted by the Swan Fund chairman Theo Van der Linde assisted by Corrine Buckland, the tournament that would be decisive for places in the IKF WKC took a start with the match between the home team and Zambia.

Zimbabwe – Zambia 19-5

A very athletic home team of Zimbabwe had no trouble to beat a courageous opponent.

Both teams, eager to start after long preparing work from the local organising committee, played nervously in the beginning and missed many good scoring opportunities.

But then Zimbabwe, due to the difference in length of the male players, was able to keep the ball for long periods in the attacking zone. As a result the number of shots had to end in a clear difference in score and at half time (10-1) Spectators understood that the match was played.

Many substitutions ordered by the coach of Zambia brought no relief in the second half and it was obvious that Zambia would never be able to challenge the opponent. The final score (19-5) was a perfect reflection of the game.

Zimbabwe – South Africa 16-20

Those that left after the first match will regret their decision. The clash between the experience of RSA and the enthusiasm of ZIM was a spectacle.

With an even score after 10′ (4-4) and after 20′ (8-8) nothing could be said about the outcome of the match.

But then the uncomfortable match schedule forcing Zimbabwe to play two matches in a row, physical effort lead to uncontrolled patterns and the emotion was insufficient to keep South Africa from strolling away from their opponents. (12-16 after 15′)

A number of unnecessary penalties would give RSA the luxury to control the game towards the end.


DAY 2 REPORT: Saturday, April 28th 2018

Zimbabwe – South Africa 17 – 13 (8-6)

From the start of the second clash between the teams we saw good korfball with much speed and accurate shooting for a cheerful crowd to enjoy.

The athletic skills of Zimbabwe were amply deployed countered however by rhythm breaking tactical play of the opponent (6-4)

In the second period the home team could not maintain the tempo. Attacks would not last long because rebound was a problem.

South Africa became master of the game despite a serious injury of one of the key players.

In the third quarter we witnessed a revival of Zimbabwe. Another injury of a RSA player forced the coach to bring the first back in but as by wonder the team regained confidence (12-9)

Towards the end Zimbabwe had much ball possession but did not know how to make a profit out of it. There was no answer on the back defending of RSA until two long shots of the best attacker concluded the game.

Zambia – South Africa 8 – 22 (4-12)

Zambia with much goodwill could never disturb the opponent. Nearly half of the shots were defended which gives to think that there is a serious need for qualified instructors.

Werner Basson was highlighted because of his 50th appearance on the international scene. He again played a key role in the victory of his team.


Day 3 Report: Sunday, April 29th 2018

RSA – Zambia 22 – 9 (8-5)

With the experience of the two previous days it was quite amazing that Zambia could keep up with the opponents and even were able to take the lead for a short period of time (2-3)

Because too many good opportunities were unsuccessful South Africa, too slow at that time, had trouble to create a gap.

In the second half Zambia made too many mistakes in defence and penalties for RSA did the rest.


Zimbabwe – Zambia 28 – 6 (10-5)

The atmosphere was tremendous during this game with a cheering crowd, a speedy game and much scoring.

Although it was to be expected that Zambia would have problems to trouble the opponent, there was no walk over.

Rebound however, both from tall male and female players, allowing attacks to last long made it difficult for Zambia to keep the gap as narrow as possible.

Zimbabwe, with netball girls and basketball male players, became undoubtedly master of the game with an overall supremacy in attack and defence.

If this team can be kept together for the next world championship, many Europeans will have to play their best game to keep Zimbabwe out of the top 10!

In the margin of the tournament Mr. Les Williams stepped down as the continental vice president of Africa. Chris Theijse was elected as the new president.


IKF All African Korfball Championship (IKF AAKC) 2018

The IKF All African Korfball Championship (IKF AAKC) will take place in Chitungwiza, near Harare in Zimbabwe.

The Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex will be the venue where three (3) national teams will compete from 27 – 29 April 2018 to become the next All African Korfball Champion.

The address is: 14092 New Zengeza 4, Chitungwiza

South Africa is the reigning IKF All African Korfball Champion.

PARTICIPANTS (officialy subscribed; 25 April): South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


Today starts the IKF All African Korfball Championship 2018

From March 27th to 29th 2018, the National teams of South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe will face each other at the IKF All African Korfball Championship 2018 (IKF AAKC) that will take place in the city of Chitungwiza, near Harare in Zimbabwe.

The Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex will be the venue where this three national teams will compete to become the next All African Korfball Champion. South Africa is the reigning champion.

Follow all games and results on



IKF Event Site on FB (images and recaps): Click here

All information, pools, tournament rules and matches schedule are available on

All images, reports, videos and curiosities will be available also on IKF social media profiles (#AAKC2018):

South Africa win gold at African Championship

South Africa emerged as the winners of the third IKF All-African Championship. The region’s dominant team faced serious opposition for the first time in the continent’s history, but Zimbabwe fell short of truly threatening their southern neighbors dominance, losing 21-11. The match start was very tense, with both team playing nervously. Zimbabwe played without the presence of their successful technical director Riko Kruit who had to return to his Dutch Korfball League club last night. Nevertheless, the team was surprisingly playing in control with a good defense and an excellent rebound, especially by Trevor Sanyatwa. In the attack, they however fell short, partially due to an excellently defending South African team. Zimbabwe made the first goal after seven minutes, but the South Africans evened immediately  and gradually took the lead in the game, building a 10-4 lead at half time. South Africa had a period of good shooting that brought them the lead. In the second half, quality of play dimished, especially on the Zimbabwean side. South Africa was also not that accurate, and missed a series of penalties, but nevertheless managed to expand their lead to 17-9, following which Zimbabwe lost their temper leading to a yellow card for Nesbert Matyukira. Zimbabwe loses their control in last 15 minutes of the match. Attacking errors through defended shooting many times by number 10 showing their frustration to refereestar leads to yellow card for nesbert Matyukira.

At the South African side, Werner Basson was again the top scorer, playing also strong in other roles, despite missing four penalties in the match.

After 50 minutes, the socre was 21-11 and South Africa once again the champion, and qualified for the IKF World Korfball Championship 2015.

Zambia win bronze in Africa with golden-goal win over Malawi

Zambia won the bronze medal today at the IKF All-African Korfball Championship in Lusaka (ZAM), after beating Malawi 13-12 by a golden goal. The result can be considered as an upset, as yesterday in the group phase of the tournament, Malawi beat Zambia with great ease (13-3). Today, the team coached by technical director Daniel de Rudder, managed to turn this result around.

Malawi started as well in the match as they had finished yesterday, taking a 5-1 lead. With good combinations and fine shooting, however, Zambia managed to turn this around to 5-7. Malawi made many fouls and defensive mistakes, and Zambia took better advantage of the speed of their women, with especially Jenny Banda playing an important role.

This forced Zambia to do two substitutions, with Getrude Kasimba bringing in more length to the team. Before halftime the difference could not be made though, leading to a 6-8 score at half time, and Zambia missing two penalties just before the break.

Aftetr halftime, a different game emerged, with Malawi taking better advantage of their length, and Kasimba making two important goals from under the post (8-8), but subsequently Malawi also missed two penalties at a crucial phase in the match, but Malawi managed to keep the lead (9-8) until the 45th minute

In the last few minutes of the regular playing time, a true spectacle emerged, with the 9-9 of Zambia by Banda, in the 47th minute a penalty by Malawi (10-9), and subsequently a missed penalty by Malawi, a Malawi goal canceled by the referee for defended shooting, a penalty scored by Zambia, another missed penalty by Malawi, a scored penalty by Malawi and a scored penalty by Zambia, evening the score just a few seconds before the end.

In the golden goal period, it was Zambia the was the lucky winner, leading to tears of happiness on one side and many tears of sadness on the other.

Watch the video of the extra time with golden goal on Facebook (link will follow once uploaded).

South Africa and Zimbabwe to contest gold in African Championship

In the IKF All-Africa Championship in Lusaka (ZAM) today, South Africa secured winning the group phase by beating Zimbabwe 22-12, after leading 10-6 at half time. The match was an interesting one to watch, with good scoring by a few of the South African players, especially Werner Basson. However, passing and rebounding on the South African side was poor with the Zimbabwe team taking good advantage with numerous interceptions, but at many time in the attack being unable to circumvent the tight South African defense. Zimbabwe and South Africa will face each other again tomorrow for the gold medal match.

The two team contesting the bronze medal tomorrow also played each other today, with Malawi clearly beating Zambia 13-3. The Malawi players were taller, more athletic, and better shooters, although Zambia created quite a few good chances with smart play, but did not manage to score a lot.

IKF All-Africa Championship; results 7 August 2014 (day 2)
Malawi – South Africa       4-22
Malawi – Zambia               13-3
Zimbabwe – South Africa  22-12

Final Pool Ranking
1. South Africa   3 – 9
2. Zimbabwe      3 – 6
3. Malawi            3 – 3
4. Zambia           3 – 0

IMAG0347 IMAG0335 IMAG0336 IMAG0338 IMAG0340 IMAG0342 IMAG0343 IMAG0345_1


Zimbabwe and South Africa on track towards Africa final

Zimbabwe and South Africa are on track to securing their dominance on the African continent. The two most experienced countries showed to Zambia and Malawi that they need to count on contesting for the bronze medal.

IKF All-African Championship; results of the first day
South Africa – Zambia  25-2
Malawi – Zimbabwe      4-13
Zimbabwe – Zambia     15-4

Pool Ranking

1. Zimbabwe     2- 6 (28-8)
2. South Africa  1-2  (25-2)
3. Malawi           1-0  (4-13)
4. Zambia          2-0  (6-40)

For Zimbabwe, coached by technical director Riko Kruit (NED), the wins were all the more remarkable since they only arrived in Lusaka just a few hours before their first match due to transportation problems and a closed border. For the Zambian team, coached by technical director Daniel de Rudder (BEL), the loss against Zimbabwe was very disappointing, as they clearly had counted on having a better chance.

All matches were played at the Olympic Youth Development Center in Lusaka (Zambia), under very good circumstances and a sizeable group of fans.

IMG_2870 IMG_2861IMG_2856IMG_2868IMG_2876 IMG_2850 IMG_2851 IMG_2852 IMG_2853 IMG_2874 IMG_2873 IMG_2872

African Korfball Championship to be contested at Olympic Center in Zambia

With only a few days to go, teams are finalizing the preparation for the IKF All-Africa Korfball Championship in Zambia. South Africa and Zambia will contest the first match of the event on August 6, which will conclude with the finals played on August 8. The full match schedule is available in our event listing.

For the first time ever, four teams will participate in the IKF All-African Korfball Championship. Clear favorite for the title is the reigning champion South-Africa, having won all previous events on the continent. Vice-champion Zimbabwe will however be a firm rival, having just finished an extended training camp lead by their technical director Riko Kruit. Host country Zambia and newcomer Malawi complete the pack. The four countries will contest the African title to secure a single spot in next year’s World Championship in Belgium.

This is the third edition of the event. The first edition was held in South Africa in 2006, while the 2010 edition was hosted in Zimbabwe. On both occasions, only two teams took part with South Africa crowned as champion on both occasions.

The venue for the event is the Olympic Youth Development Center in Lusaka, Zambia. The IKF is pleased for the event to take place in this venue that was funded by the International Olympic Committee.


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