Jorge Alves (POR) joins the IKF Executive Committee

The Council of the International Korfball Federation has appointed Mr Jorge Alves as a Member of the IKF Executive Committee and Chair of the IKF Development and Education Committee. Mr Alves fills the vacancy left earlier this year following the resignation of Mr Kevin Allen (ENG). Mr Alves has been appointed by the Council until the next General Meeting of the IKF in November 2021, when the position is up for election.

Jorge Alves is a seasoned korfball developer, coach, referee, and coaching and refereeing instructor. He has had a very long and extensive career as an international referee, including having refereed at 5 World Championships, 3 World Games and 18 finals of major events. Apart from this, he has also been coach of multiple teams in the Portuguese Korfball League, and of the national team of Brazil. As an educator, he has taught both referee and coach courses in Portugal and internationally. He is very familiar with both grassroots and elite development of korfball.

Jorge Alves: My passion for Korfball started on the day I first came across our sport, more than 30 years ago, and it has been increasing until today. The fundaments and values of korfball were and are the basis of my dedication and commitment, trying over the years to formally and informally contribute so that this sport develops and is recognized worldwide. I take this new challenge with the conviction I will count on the support and collaboration of korfball friends who share this passion and that we can all work together to spread our amazing sport and its values around the globe.

Jan Fransoo, IKF President: With Jorge Alves, the IKF is fortunate to onboard a seasonal korfball development professional that will give a further impetus to the growth of our sport. In our current strategic cycle, the focus is on strengthening our membership base and national federations, and Jorge will be invaluable given his extensive experience and vast network. Moreover, in the education field, Covid-19 has pulled us into the digital education world, and Jorge will play a leading role to further develop this beyond the period of the pandemic.

Mario Almeida, FPC President: Jorge Alves, over dozens of years dedicated to korfball, has performed functions and activities, both nationally and internationally, including in IKF bodies, namely training and development in the four corners of the globe, which has given him a rich experience, including from realities and cultures, very important for the direction of the development.

With the appointment of Alves, the IKF Executive Committee is again fully gender-balanced with three males and three females on board.

IKF Europa Shield 2017 will start 27 January

The IKF Europa Shield 2017 will start Friday 27 January 2017. The organisation is in the capable hands of the Portuguese Korfball Federation (FPC). The event will take place in Multiusos de Odivelas, Av. Miguel Torga, 2675 Odivelas, Portugal.

The first match will start 17.00 PM (GMT time zone) between Bec Korfball Club (ENG) – Schweriner Korfball Club e.V. ’67 (GER).

The IKF Europa Shield is an annual club team event for European teams. In 2016, Korfbal Club Barcelona (Catalonia) became the champion, after beating in the final the previous 2015 IKF EShield winner: Bec Korfball Club from England.

The pools are:

SG Pegasus Rommerscheid 1991 e.V. GER
KCC Sokol České Budějovice CZE
CK Montcada CAT
Korfbal Club Barcelona CAT
Bec Korfball Club ENG
Clube Carnaxide Cultura e Desporto POR
Schweriner Korfball Club e.V. ’67 GER

The IKF Europa Shield 2017 match schedule: Click here for complete schedule

As usual, all IKF Europa Shield 2017 matches will be available on, with all the statistics, play-by-play, top scorers, graphics and much more.

For ikfchannel on YouTube: CLICK HERE

All images, reports, interviews, videos and curiosities will be available live 24/7 on IKF social media profiles (#ESHIELD2017 – #ES2017):

Carla Antunes is Portuguese Sports Personality of the Year

Carla Antunes has been awarded the honor of being the 2014 Sports Personality of the Year by the Portuguese Sports Confederation. Ms Antunes received the honor for her long-standing contribution to sport over many years.

As a korfball athlete, Carla has played for the national teams of Portugal for a long period of time, representing Portugal at World Championships and multiple World Games. She brought the Portuguese U21 to win the bronze medal at the 2014 IKF European U21 Championship, has been Secretary General of the Portuguese Sports Confederation, was sports director at the recent IKF European Championship in Maia, Portugal, and currently is an international referee. Ms Antunes currently serves on the IKF Athletes’ Committee. President Fransoo awarded her the IKF Pin of Merit in 2011 when she finished her active career as an athlete for the excellent sportsmanship she had displayed over many years, along with providing service in many ways to the development of korfball.

As a female athlete and sports leader, Carla Antunes more than deserves this important recognition, and the IKF congratulates Carla and hopes that she will remain involved in korfball for many years to come.

Paula Gomes awarded the IKF PIN OF MERIT

Mrs Paula Gomes, Portugal, has been awarded the IKF Pin of Merit to mark her volunteering job as chair of the local organising committee of the Portugese Korfball Federation to organise the IKF European Korfball Championship 2014 in Maia. Paula Gomes had a great contribution to the organisational success of the IKF EKC.

The presentation to Paula Gomes was made by IKF President Jan Fransoo during the after party of the IKF EKC on 2 November 2014.

Jan Fransoo and Paula Gomes

IKF Council rejects Portugal’s semifinal lineup, stresses Code of Conduct

The IKF Council has taken notice of Portugal’s lineup in the semifinal of the IKF European Korfball Championship, and strongly and unanimously rejects the decision to deliberately keep the eight strongest players out of the starting lineup in the semifinal of the IKF EKC on Friday. The decision is totally opposed to the first article of the IKF Code of Conduct, which states Play to Win — It is recognized that winning is the object of playing any game. However, never set out to lose. If you do not play to win, you are cheating your opponents, fooling yourself and deceiving those who are watching. It is an insult to any opponent to play at less than full strength. You should play to win until the final whistle and never give up against stronger opponents nor relent against weaker ones. 

While similar actions have been taken in the past by other countries, in the past quadrennial no country except Portugal appears to have displayed these tactics. The IKF Council applauds in this Championship the English Korfball Association, and in the recent past also the Korfball Associations from Chinese Taipei and Germany for their exemplary actions in this regard leading to great viewing figures for semifinals at major events. The IKF Council has expressed their dismay to the President of the FPC. Following the Championship, all member countries will be reminded explicitly of the IKF Code of Conduct.

IKF EKC in Portugal on

Saturday 25 October 2014 the IKF European Korfball Championship (IKF EKC) starts in Maia, Portugal.

The IKF jury software system is direct connected to Internet again. Everybody can follow the matches live thru the link: IKF EKC 2014 on

The korfball app for smartphones is available as well and connected to the same database with all matches live.

All 16 teams prepare themselves to show their abilities and compete on the highest level.

IKF European Korfball Championship

The IKF published the four pools of four national teams each and the match schedule for the IKF European Korfball Championship scheduled to be held in Maia, Portugal, from 25 October to 2 November 2014.

Sixteen countries are participating and have been drawn into four pools of four. Unlike in previous championships, in order to try and prevent matches with a predictable result and large goal difference in the early round the selection of teams for the pools has been done in a different way on this occasion. Pools A and B have pools containing the highest ranked countries and pools C and D the lowest ranked countries. Countries ranked 1, 2 or 3 in pools A and B progress to the quarter finals for places 1 to 8 together with the countries finishing first in pools C and D. The remaining countries (4th in pools A and B plus 2nd, 3rd or 4th in pools C and D) will play quarter finals leading to a ranking of 9th to 16th.

Details on the pools and the match schedule follow the link: IKF EKC Pools and match schedule


IKF European Korfball Championship 2014 draw

Recently the IKF Competitions Committee organised the draw for the IKF European Korfball Championship (IKF EKC) to take place from 25 October 2014. The draw was based on the most recent IKF ranking dated 5 November 2013 with teams drawn in pairs.

16 national teams will compete to become the next IKF European Korfball Champion on Sunday 2 November. The tournament starts with pool matches on the first three days. Pools A and B contain the top 8 ranked teams and pools C and D the bottom 8 ranked teams. The teams finishing 1st to 3rd in pools A and B join with the teams finishing 1st in pools C and D to form a group of 8 teams to form a top group for the quarter finals while the remaining teams will play quarter finals towards places 9 to 16. Quarter finals take place on Wednesday 29 October.

During the closing days of the tournament in Maia, Portugal, the teams from Slovakia and Turkey will compete for the “Jan Hanekroot Cup”. They have, therefore, been placed in different first round pools.

The pools are:

Pool A   Pool B
The Netherlands Belgium
England Portugal
Germany Catalonia
Russia Czech Republic
Pool C   Pool D
Poland Hungary
Wales Slovakia
Turkey Ireland
Serbia Scotland

Korfball Congress gives boost to youth competitions and development of korfball4

More international youth competitions and the introduction of other disciplines; those were the main focus in the discussion on the second day of the IKF World Korfball Congress.

The IKF Competitions Committee proposed a new age structure and extension for international youth competition. While currently the IKF organizes World Championships for U23, and Continental Championships U21, it was decided to align those. Given the rapid developments of players, the U23 and senior championships show so much overlap in team composition, that there Congress showed wide support for replacing the U23 World Championship by and U21 World Championship. In 2016, the last IKF U23 World Championship will be held. Further, in younger age groups there are currently no championships, although the IKF patronizes a long traditions of World Cups for U19 and U16. While the patronizing will remain, the IKF will start with an official U19 World Championship, and with Continental Championships for the U17 and U15 age groups. The formats and starting years will be set by each of the continents. It was agreed that the U15 Championships should have more of a festival nature. Further, the European continent, having the the strongest competitions, intends to open up its U17 and U15 events to team from other continents by invitation.

The second major topic for which the IKF Council received wide support was to develop a new korfball discipline, provisionally denoted as korfball4. This compact format, primarily targeted at outdoor hardcourt competitions, but being defined so flexibly that it can be played both indoor and outdoor, should open up new markets for attracting people to korfball. Extensive ideas for positioning, branding, and rules were brought forward by the delegates that embraced the new initiative. The IKF Council will now form a task force that is expected to develop the concept before the middle of next year, with the first events held in 2015.

At the day’s conclusion, the IKF shared its recent initiatives in the areas of communication and social media. For the latter, a new social media strategy will deliver extended multimedia content as from early 2015.

Dr Jan Fransoo, IKF President, – @korfballpres – spoke in his final words to the Congress of a very successful congress and he thanked all delegates for their valuable contributions: “Your support gives the IKF Council even more inspiration on the way we go”.

Three qualifiers for the 2014 IKF European Korfball Championship

The IKF European Bowl Central region event in Prievidza, Slovakia did finish Sunday June 9th, 2013. The numbers 1, 2 and 3 in the event ranking did earn a ticket for the IKF European Korfball Championship 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal.

Based on the match results the teams from Slovakia, Serbia and Scotland qualify.


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