IKF European Bowl starts today

In the city of Papendrecht, The Netherlands in the venue of PKC / Hagero starts today the IKF European Bowl Eastern Region. Six national korfball teams will compete in this qualification event. The numbers 1, 2 and 3 after the competition qualify for the IKF European Korfball Championship in Portugal in October 2014.

Friday 18 October the first match starts 1400 PM.

Saturday 19 October the matches are played from 0900 AM till 1715 PM.

The numbers 1, 2 and 3 in the IKF European Bowl event qualify for the IKF European Korfball Championship 2014 in Portugal.

The six participants are: France, Ireland, Wales, Rumania, Greece and Turkey.
The match schedule can be found under ‘Events’.

IKF Asia Korfball Championship

From Friday 11 till Monday 14 October 2013 the next IKF Asia Korfball Championship takes place in Tianjin China.

The teams from;

Chinese Taipei TPE
China CHN
Japan JPN
Macau MAC
Korea KOR
Malaysia MAL
Indonesia INA

compete to become the next IKF Asia korfball champion. Chinese Taipei is the reigning champion in Asia.

Under events you are able to find the match schedule for this event.

IKF Africa Year of Youth Event Finished

Saturday 28 September is the IKF Year of Youth 2013 event in IKF AFrica finished with the last clinics.

A whole week several korfball activities were held in Harare (Zimbabwe).

The week started with clinics for coaches and referees, conducted by Mr Riko Kruit and Mr Theo van der Linde. The 23 participants were coming from Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. It was a group with mixed experiences and skills, some are involved in korfball in their country for some time yet, and others had no experience at all. It was a challenge for the instructors to keep the clinics for all participants and they succeeded.

Thursday and Friday was the IKF Africa Year of Youth U19 tournament. Unfortunately both Botswana and Mozambique could not realize to send a representative team and had to withdraw. Because of this the U19 teams of Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa played a full competition these two days. The most experienced South African Under 19 squad finished tops at the first ever regional Zone Six Youth Korfball Tournament, making a clean sweep of victory in all their four matches.

As side event during the International Tournament a school korfball tournament outside the sports hall was held. Here could be seen the future for Africa (e.g. Zimbabwe) is sunny, the young players were very enthusiastic, but also showed having already good korfball skills.

As said on Saturday the last clinics were conducted and all teams were going home in knowledge they were part of a historic event.

The press attended the clinics as well the tournament. Friday evening Zimbabwean Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) did spend about 10 minutes at prime time to show korfball nationwide.

Also national newspapers reported and were lyric in their reaction.

We strongly believe this event will show to be a big step in development on the African continent.

Results IKF Africa Year of   Youth U19 Tournament


  Zimbabwe Zambia  9 – 3  
  Zambia South   Africa  5 – 15  
  Zimbabwe South   Africa  5 – 17  


  South   Africa Zimbabwe  13 – 4  
  South   Africa Zambia  18 – 0  
  Zambia Zimbabwe  5 – 9  
  #   matches points scored against
South   Africa
















3rd Korfball You-Jeng Cup

In memory of Prof. You-Jeng Chen (1945-2004), Father of korfball in Taiwan, the 3rd biannual Korfball You-Jeng Cup was held in Wei Chuan Puhsin Ranch, Taoyuan Country, on 24-25 August 2013.

Different from the previous editions briefly organizing recreational and social activities, this event invited 3 junior high school teams, 3 senior high school teams, and 4 senior teams to compete for the titles in the outdoor grass field.

A memorial ceremony was organized to deliberately express the youth what the great contribution Prof. Chen had done for Taiwan korfball through many historical pictures telling stories. We hope delivered the highlighted history of korfball in Taiwan to those participants who never met Prof. Chen and further motivate them to inherit Prof. Chen’s spirit and passion of developing and promoting korfball. Mrs Harriet, Prof. Chen’s wife and their sons’ families attended this event with the respect from different generations of participants.

Dr. Jow Fei HO, Taiwan sport minister, surprisingly came to enjoy the barbecue with great pleasant and relaxing atmosphere in the evening 25 August

IKF Level IV “High Performance Coach” Course great success

The IKF Master Coach Clinic in Dordrecht, The Netherlands was very intense. The 12 participants and 7 the tutors worked hard during 5 days. The agenda covered many topics relevant for the “High Performance Coach” working in the area of topkorfball.

The participants arrived Tuesday 27 August from 9 countries.  The longest trips were made by Inglish Huang from Chinese Taipei and Warman Cheng from HongKong. But attendants from Russia, Germany, Belgium, England, Czech Republic, Catalonia, and Portugal contributed as well.

Sunday 1 September this part of the course came to an end. In the next few months the attendants will work at home on their ‘homework’. The reactions from attendants were positive; “this adds to my coach qualities”, “excellent to communicate with coaches from other countries”, good to learn from very experienced international coaches”, good to discover the facilities of software to analyse korfball matches”.

Project manager Ben Crum was very satisfied and tired after five heavy days.

Frans Walvis, IKF Senior Vice-President, was present on the last day to express the great value of this course in the light of the IKF strategy; 6 countries should compete for the highest places in the IKF elite events. Walvis mentioned to the participants: “Have a safe journey home and spread the word that this course is a valuable asset in further developing your coach abilities and will help you to improve the level of play in your home country. Tell other countries as well that this course is available”. Of course Walvis took the opportunity to thank project manager Ben Crum, the KNKV and Albert Vidanya from the IKF for their great efforts in this success.

Year of Youth Africa Zone VI U19 korfballevent

From Tuesday 24 September till Sunday 29 September the big African Year of Youth Festival will be held in Harare, Zimbabwe.

It is the first time ever there is an IKF Africa continental event where all Zone VI countries will participate.

Coach and referee clinics will be conducted. Further there is a tournament for representing U19 teams of Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Malawi, Botswana and Mozambique.

All countries are preparing their teams to be able to get a good result.

As side event a korfball tournament for primary schools of Harare will be held.

This primary school event is sponsored by the Swan Fund.

The innovative first IKF Asian University Korfball Championship

Dr Jan Fransoo, IKF President, stated: “With ten teams from five countries in the very first event, this promises the concrete innovation of a very long and growing series of University Events in Asia. I am hopeful that this may eventually lead to the inclusion of korfball on the program of the Universiade World Student Games 2017 in Taipei. I would like to thank NTUE, and in particular its President, Professor Shin-Jen Chang, for the continued support provided to the Asian korfball community over many years. Congratulations to Professor Chang for being the first host in this important event.”

The innovative IKF Asia University Korfball Championship (AUKC) held in Taipei from 14 to 18 August 2013 was successfully co-organized by IKF Asia, Chinese Taipei Korfball Association and National Taipei University of Education (NTUE). This event was the first official tournament of IKF Asia since she has been established in 2011. The goals of 1st AUKC are to stimulate the development of university korfball in Asia to result in the inclusion of korfball in the competition program of 2017 Summer Universiade in Taipei. The participation of ten teams from China, Hong Kong, Korea, Macau, and Chinese Taipei let IKF Asia take an inspiring step closer to the goals.

The local organizing committee provided live web-broadcast throughout whole the tournament and the films can be reviewed on

After 33 intense korfball matches the ranking is:


National Taipei University of Education (TPE)


Tianjin University of Science and Technology (CHN)


National Taiwan Normal University (TPE)


Zhengzhou University (CHN)


Shih Chien University (TPE)


Southwest University (CHN)


Hong Kong (HKG)


University of Macau (MAC)


Seoul National University of Education (KOR)


Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKG)


The IKF Level IV “High Performance Coach” course is ready to start 27th August

Everything is ready for the start of first edition of for IKF Level IV “High Performance Coach” course during the week from  27th August to 1st September 2013. The city of Dordrecht and the great accommodation of DeetosSnel will host the first stage of a course that will be developed during the period August – December 2013.

During this first stage attendants will receive the instruction designed by Program Manager Mr Ben Crum. The “korfball guru” has designed a program of topics that will be developed by the best assortment of tutors and coaches possible, in order to implement the theory contained at his last “IKF Guide to korfball coaching” successful book.

Coaches and tutors appointed to run the different topics will be from in and out the korfball sphere. As korfball instructors, some names appointed to run the different topics are:

–       Jan Sjouke van den Bos (Coach Dutch National team 1999-2013)
–       Gert-Jan Kraaijeveld (Assistant Coach Dutch National team 2009-2013)
–       Wim Scholtmeijer (Coach Dutch National U21/U23 team period 2010-2013 and new Coach senior National Team)
–       Daniel de Rudder (Coach Belgium National team 1984 -1990 and Coach of National Teams of South-Africa, Poland and Turkey in different periods) and
–       Wim Bakker (Coach at Koog Zaandijk. Dutch Indoor Champion 2008, 2010 and IKF Europa Cup Champion 2009)

At the same time, there are other non-korfball lecturers involved to support the program of the IKF Level IV “High Performance Coach” course; tutors Raymond Verheijen and Peter Beek, are expected to deliver and outside vision about their main topics respectively: “Sport physiology and Physical Conditioning” and “Neurology and motor learning”.

Tutor Raymond Verheijen is well known in the football world as a founder of UK Football Academy and Dutch Football Academy, but also as assistant coach and physical trainer specialist performing in National Teams of The Netherlands, South-Korea, Russia or Wales but also at club level with Glasgow Rangers, Barcelona or Chelsea.

On the other hand, Peter Beek is developing a long career already as researcher in “Neurology and motor learning”. He is professor in “human movement sciences” at Department of Motor Behavior, Faculty of Human Movement Sciences, VU University Amsterdam

In order to follow this program starting next 27th August, KNKV TOP 6 Program supports the scholarship entry fee of a number of coaches who have been appointed by the different national organizations according to the terms of the TOP 6 Program:

  Country Attendants M/F National Team Current league team/Country
1 ENG Dave Buckland M Head Coach Seniors   England Tornadoes  /ENG
2 GER Detlef Dulfer M Coach U16 Germany Albatros / GER
3 CZE Ivo Kracik M Head Coach Seniors   Czech Republic Ceske Bujedovice /   CZE
4 CAT Rosendo Garcia M Coach U23 Catalonia CEVG / CAT
5 CAT David Rua M Coach U19 Catalonia CK Montcada / CAT
6 RUS Sergey Nizovsky M Head Coach Seniors   Russia
7 HK Warman Cheng M Head Coach Hong-Kong
8 POR Joana Faria F Coach U19 Portugal  Benfica 2nd   Div/POR
9 TAI Inglish Huang M Head Coach Nat. Team   Chinese Taipei
10 POR Jorge Alves M Head Coach Seniors   Brazil
11 CZE David Schwarz M Coach Czech Republic   Academy Korfball School Decin   / CZE

After the Stage 1 will be celebrated during last week of August , attendants will follow Stage 2 of 15 weeks of on-line lessons during the period September – December 2013, and finally the learning program will finish with Stage 3 during next Challenge Tournament in Rotterdam.

Opening ceremony World Games 2013

The opening ceremony of the 9th World Games in Cali, Colombia took place in front of 35,000 spectators in the sold-out stadium on the evening of 25 July, another 40,000 watching the event on a large screen outside the stadium, and hundreds of thousands of Caleños celebrating the opening of the event in the streets. It’s the 1st time this multi-sport event is held on the South American continent.

The 4,500 athletes and officials coming from 101 countries from all over the world will participate in competitions in 31 sports till August 4th.

The korfball event will start July 31st and the finals will be played August 4th

The World Games korfball program online

The World Games korfball program is online.

Of course you may follow the korfball event during the World Games in Cali, Colombia through the IKF online scoring software system directly attached to the jury table in the korfball venue in Cali.

Follow the link: Korfball in the World Games 2013 in Cali

As well there is a free of charge app available to follow this and all other international korfball events on your smartphone: World Korfball for Android.


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