World Games Korfball 2013

During the International Korfball Federation Executive Committee April 21st 2013 meeting the IKF Exco made a draw to establish the pools for the Korfball Event during the World Games. The World Games will take place in Cali, Colombia between 24 July and 4 August 2013. The Korfball Event will be played from 31 July to 4 August 2013

The World Games is the most important korfball event in the IKF’s 2013 calendar.

The result of the draw is:

1. The Netherlands Belgium
2. Great   Britain Chinese   Taipei
3. Portugal Russia
4. Czech   Republic Germany

The teams in all four lines were drawn with each set of two teams based on the current IKF Ranking.

German championship has new victor!

On Sunday, 6 April 2013 the Club SG Pegasus Rommerscheid from the city of Bergisch Gladbach took over the crown from last year’s Champion Schweriner KC in the German korfball Championship.

An extra match became necessary after ending the regular competition on equal points and the final result went in the favour of Pegasus.

Two of the hardest working club teams stood in the final and  both teams deserve the right to represent Germany in the upcoming international competitions for clubs in Europe.

In the last match points were equal in the first half, before a 15-minute period where no goals were scored until Pegasus broke away to show supremacy and led to the 24-18 victory for the Rhineland area.

SG Pegasus Rommerscheid will proudly represent Germany in 2014 in Papendrecht (NED) at the IKF Europa Cup, Schweriner KC will fight for medals at the IKF Europa Shield tournament.

The Netherlands wins the U19 KWC

The Netherlands wins the U19 Korfball World Cup in front of a sold out venue with around 1,000 spectators. After a great final the Dutch U19 team was the the strongest team in the 2013 event in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.

The Dutch beat their rivals Belgium 16-14. At half time the young Belgiums were in the lead 8-9. Dean Woods (ENG) was the referee in the U19 KWC.

Chinese Taipei achieved the 3rd place after a narrow victory over England; 11-10.

More informations; go to the U19 KWC website:

Maroc beats China in U19 KWC

The 2nd day of the 18th U19 Korfball World Cup showed an interesting match between the two first time participants China ad Maroc. Maroc did reach their first win. Their enthusiasm after their 11-8 victory was enormous.

Hungary, Poland, Germany and Russia 4 could not outperform the top 4: Belgium, Chinese Taipei, England and The Netherlands. In the poolmatch Chinese Taipei versus The Netherlands the youngsters from Asia could equalize till the first part of the second half; 9-9. The Dutch scored an unbeaten 7 goals; 9-16 was the final score.

Portugal, Czech Republic, Maroc, Roumania will play for the places 9 – 12 on the last event day. China will be placed number 13.

Sunday morning the semi finals are on the program. The finals start 1300 PM (Amsterdam time). The event championship final starts 1700 PM.

Cali korfball community developing

The Cali (COL) korfball community is gradually growing and developing. While on an inspection visit for The World Games, which are due to be held in Cali (COL) this Summer, IKF President Fransoo met with local korfball developer Mr Pedro Sanchez, and attended a training session of some of the Cali players.

Currently, the total community is still small, and consists of about 35 players, mostly students of various universities in Cali. The main limitations are the availability of a space to practice, and the lack of korfball knowledge. However, during the visit, the IKF signed an agreement with the Escuela Nacional de Deporte and the Sports Administration of the City of Cali to work together to develop korfball, as a legacy to The World Games korfball presence. As part of the agreement, the city will make available a permanent outdoor space for training and playing. The space, in one of the sports parks at a central location in the city, will allow thousands of Calenos to watch and experience korfball. Further, the IKF will work with the END to educate korfball coaches, such that korfball could be included in the elective course program of END, and the coaches could work with Cali’s 22 communities to teach korfball to kids across the city.

Mundialista Coliseum construction on track, but schedule remains tight

On a visit to Cali (COL), host city for the upcoming edition of The World Games, IKF President Fransoo was fully briefed by the Cali Local Organizing Committee CLOC. The main purpose of the visit was to obtain an update of the status of preparations for the korfball tournament, which is to be held from July 31 until August 4 at the Mundialista Coliseum. The Mundialista is a brand-new venue that is currently under construction. The start of the construction has been delayed several times over the past year, but started on February 1, 2013. The construction is still on schedule to be completed by June 15, 2013.

As is common in Colombia, the coliseum consists only of specatator stand, a court, and a roof on poles. To take advantage of natural cooling by wind, none of the facilities in Cali have walls, and neither does the Mundialista. The Mundialista is located on the premises of the Instituto Universitaria Escuala Nacional de Deporte. The END is the only dedicated sports university in Colombia and is well-equipped with full support facilities, including a gym, physiotherapy facilities and staff, and sports medical facilities and staff. As korfball will be the only sport played at the END during the World Games, all facilities will be available prior and during the tournament for the korfball athletes and their staff.

The Mundialista will be equipped with a floor that is well-known to many korfball athletes and fans: SportCourt. SportCourt was also the floor on which the final of the IKF World Championship 2003 was played in Rotterdam.

IKF awards Korfball World Congress 2013 to Lisbon (Portugal)

The Executive Committee of the International Korfball Federation (IKF) has awarded
the hosting of its Bi-annual Korfball World Congress and General Meeting to the
Federacao Portuguesa de Corfebol (FPC). The Congress will be held from 25-27
October 2013 at the SANA Metropolitan Hotel is Lisbon.

The event will consists of two days of Congress meetings that will not only allow all IKF Committees and Continental Confederations to have their annual business meetings, but also a general program on korfball’s status and development, for which general
registration will be possible. The Congress highlight will be a festive dinner for the worldwide korfball community on Saturday evening 26 October. The IKF Bi-annual General Meeting will be held on 27 October. The previous IKF Korfball World Congress and General Meeting were held in 2011 in Shaoxing, China.

IKF President Fransoo is very satified with the Portuguese bid: “This bid
will allow us to take our Congress to a next higher level. We hope to attract
not only the representatives from executive committees of national federations,
and committees from the IKF and our continental confederations. We invite
anybody interested in the worldwide korfball development to register and take
part in the discussions on our future.”

FPC President Mario Almeida: “Portugal is honored by this selection, being sure
that it has all the conditions so that this event will be a milestone in the
development of worldwide korfball. These three days, that will bring
together  representatives of national korfball federations and specialists
of the four corners of the globe, will strengthen the most important
institutional and international relationships, and set important strategic
orientations for the sport. On the eve of the IKF European Korfball
Championship 2014 in Portugal, this event will be a demonstration of the
prestige and potential of our great sport.”

Friendly match Portugal – Brazil

Sunday 17 February 2013 a friendly international match between Portugal and Brazil will be played in Lisbon, Portugal.

The match starts 1910 PM Lisbon time (this is GMT zone).

A Portuguese regional TV station will record the match and all can follow this match live thru webcasting; follow the next link: