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Trip to boost korfball in South America

The first and second video of the trip to boost korfball in South America are on line. You can watch them thru the IKF website: or via the ikfchannel on YouTube.

The videos are recorded and produced in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by Mr Dani Ezpeleta (CAT). Dutch master coach, Mr Jan Sjouke Van den Bos, four Dutch U23 international players, Mr Jorge Alves (POR) and Mr Dani Ezpeleta guide and support this promotion trip. The trip is a combined effort technical and financial from KNKV and IKF.

The trip lasts till 19 October. After the visit to Brazil the group visits Argentina. Right now they are in Argentina already.

Netherlands stars boost Latin America korfball

A two-week tour by a high-powered delegation from Europe, including four Netherlands stars, will give korfball in Latin America a big boost this month.

knkv u23 at airport

Top players from the Dutch national under-23 team are accompanying KNKV’s master coach Jan Sjouke van den Bos, first to Brazil, then to Argentina, on a tour that will combine promotion, coaching and referee clinics and a pan-American international korfball tournament.

Starting in Sao Paulo, the Netherlands stars, Jelmer Jonker, Jet Hendriks, Barbara Brouwer, Marijn Van De Goorbergh and their coach, will conduct clinics in schools and universities, as well as providing training support for the regular teams located in the city of Americana.

Next they travel to Rio de Janeiro, where coach advisor Dick Kalkman of The Netherlands and referee Dani Ezpeleta from Catalonia join them. On 11 October they will be part of the National Brazilian Korfball Championship, before heading to Copacabana the next day for a beach korfball promotion on one of the world’s most famous beaches.

Leaving Brazil, they go to first Buenos Aires then La Plata in Argentina for another series of promotional activities in schools and universities, conducting clinics for physical education teachers and training with local teams.

Over the weekend of 18 and 19 October, the highlight of the tour will be the Torneo Internacional de Korfball – Argentina 2014, with national teams from Brazil and Colombia joining the host, Argentina, which will participate for the first time ever in an international korfball event.

IKF is grateful for the assistance of KNKV in setting up this tour, and also to IKF instructor and national coach of Brazil, Jorge Alves from Portugal, for co-ordinating activities.

Costa Rica likely to become new IKF member

A new country is set to join the international korfball community, following recent initiatives in Costa Rica.

While the IKF Pan American Korfball Championship was in progress in Brazil end January begin February 2014, a programme of associated activities also took place for the Latin American members of the korfball family. Included among these was the presentation of the Asociación Costarricense de Korfball, or Costa Rican Korfball Association (ACOKORF), by its president Ms Rosaura Méndez.

As vice-president of Costa Rica’s Universitarian Sports Federation, Rosaura Méndez is already well-known in her own country’s sporting circles. Her credentials also extend to the international sphere as an executive member of the International University Sports Federation (FISU).

In outlining ACOKORF’s strategies for the development of korfball in Costa Rica, Rosaura Méndez presented a technical plan to educate physical education teachers in various universities with an IKF Level II course scheduled for the coming summer. ACOKORF also intends to apply for IKF membership in the next few months.

To further increase her own understanding of korfball, Rosaura Méndez, along with two of the co-ordinators of the educational programme for universities TEC and Universidad Nacional, is planning to visit The Netherlands in May 2014.

Brazil wins Pan American Korfball title and qualifies for IKF World Korfball Championship

With a clear and deserved 20-10 victory over Colombia, Brazil has won the First IKF Pan American Championship, and has qualified for next year’s IKF World Korfball Championship in Belgium.

Following yesterdays golden goal victory against Colombia, Brazil was a light favorite for the title, but a close match was expected. The first 15 minutes Colombia was the better team, with a well-organized European style defense organized by coach Tilbert La Haye. Despite the considerable length disadvantage, Colombia daring took the lead with a goal by Stephanie Canizales. Brazil had difficulty keeping the score level in the first 15 minutes, due to the tight defense, but also avoided the Colombian women making the large number of goals that they made yesterday. However, after 20 minutes, leading 4-3, Brazil in three minutes increased the gap to 7-3 with goals by Wallace Cruz, Fernanda Cardoso, and Daniel Ferreira. The gap gave Colombia a strong blow, from which it never recovered in the remainder of the game. After the half-time break, Brazil cruised to 12-7, when Colombia suddenly made two goals and a short tense period occurred in which the Colombians had several opportunities to close the gap to 2. Andressa Silva however took away any further expectations of the Colombian by scoring 13-9 in the 39th minute. After that, the match was over and Brazil easily expanded the gap to finally win by 20-10. Michele Iatarola and David Ferreira lead the Brazilian scorelist with 5 each, and Juan Lerma topped the Colombia list with 4. Brazil’s women performed very well in defense, keeping the Colombian women to only 3 goals, while they scored 8 between them.

Brazil 1st IKF Pan American Korfball Champion

Brazil is the first IKF Pan American Korfball Champion.

In the final they did beat Colombia 20 – 10. At half time the Brazilians were 7-3 in the lead. The topscorers in the final are Michele Iatarola and Daniel Ferreira, both from Brazil, each with 5 goals. (more to follow)

Daniel Ferreira was the male topscorer with 20 goals in the event. Michele Iatarola was the female topscorer with 18 goals.

Colombia and Brazil, clear candidates to play the final for the IKF Pan American Korfball Championship

After the first day of competition, countries participating in the tournament settled their possibilities for the upcoming days:  Colombia and Brazil are the candidates to play the final after their good results of the first day and it appears that the Mexican team is going to be too weak at this moment to be a contender for the other two countries in the tournament.

After the withdrawal of Argentina, the Colombian team reinforced their aspirations to fight against Brazil for the place in the next IKF World Korfball Championship. A consistent victory of 14-23against the second team of Brazil, replacing Argentina after their withdrawal, is going to boost the aspirations of the Colombians against the host country. The game was close in the first 10 minutes, but after an impressive scoring performance of the Colombian girls the difference was bigger before the end of the first half and at the beginning of the second half the game was very well controlled. Great performance indeed of all the Colombian girls who showed great capacities to score goals and specially Virgina Caicedo who finally became the best scorer of the game with 5 goals.

In the other game of the day Brazil presented its credentials as a main candidate to be the first Latin American country in the IKF World Korfball Championships. The host team beat Mexico by 40-7 lead by Daniel Ferreira and Michelle Iatarola, each of them with 10 goals,  and could show in front of their crowd all their potential.

Brazil eager to perform for ‘torcida’

In the final days leading up to the 2014 IKF Pan American Korfball Championship the host team has prepared in Americana, Sao Paulo, under Portuguese coach Jorge Alves, with an intensive programme of daily training sessions and a full schedule of promotional activities.

Twenty players, led by Rio de Janeiro State Federation (FECRJ) president Daniel Rivillini and members of Sao Paolo State Federation (FCESP) Luciana Bortoleto and Thiago Barbacena, have undertaken numerous promotions, aiming to encourage school students to support the Brazilian team participating in the event, as well as a large network of physical education teachers in the area. Activities have been held in the Escola Sesi Santa Barbara, Escola Objetivo, ETEC Americana, Esesc Sao Paulo, Metrocamp Campinas, Ses Americana and UNE Sao Paulo

This is a great opportunity for the Brazilian team to perform in front of local supporters, and consolidate progress since their two-week training camp in Portugal in February 2013.

In front of its own ‘torcida’ and determined to put on a great show, the squad is focused on becoming the first continental champion, thereby qualifying for 2015 IKF World Korfball Championship.

Withdrawal of Argentina

Unfortunately, the Argentinean Korfball Association has advised the IKF that, due to the difficult economic situation in its own country, the Argentinean team was not able to raise the funding necessary to participate in the 2014 IKF Pan American Korfball Championship.

The competition committee has decided to maintain the schedule of four teams, including a second team from Brazil to replacing Argentina. Games played by this team will, however, be out of the competition.

Mexico set to feature in first ever IKF Pan American Korfball Championship

As the 2014 IKF Pan American Korfball Championship approaches, the competing teams are finalising their preparations for the continent’s inaugural international tournament, in Americana/Sao Paulo, Brazil, from 31 January to 2 February.

As is usual in international korfball, in addition to technical preparation, the teams have been working hard to raise the funding needed to participate in the event. Players representing host Brazil, and fellow South American international newcomer Colombia, have developed their passion for korfball and their skills in the game through many years of guidance provided by instructors under the IKF Development and Education Committee. They now have the opportunity to test themselves in their first experience of international competition.

Mexico, however, has taken a different path. After some years of self-taught korfball, motivated by the prospect of participating in the IKF Pan American Championship, physical education teacher Alfonso Espinal contacted the IKF to request technical support, therefore maximising the opportunity for the young Mexican players to make the most of their experience at the tournament.

Alfonso Espinal teaches at the high school academy for physical education in Escuela Superior Educación Física (ESEF) Cuautla, 150 kilometres from Mexico City.

“We started regular practice here in Cuautla two months ago, and decided that going to the championship was a good way to consolidate our learning process,” he says.

As a consequence, an IKF Level I course was run in Cuautla from 24 to 26 January, with a group of 35 ESEF students led through the course by DEC director Albert Vidanya and IKF instructor Dick Kalkman, who will advise coach Espinal in an intensive week of training and through the tournament.

Alfonso Espinal expects his team’s experience in Brazil will provide a great boost for the development of Mexican korfball.

“We want to keep progressing during the korfball championship, and bring the best knowledge back to Mexico, therefore maintaining the process of growth. Our main aim is to build up the federation, for which we need six states. While we already have foundations in Estado Morelos, Estado de Guerrero, Estado de México and Distrito Federal, we are also actively looking to establish korfball in two more states, and therefore formalise the statutes for the national organisation,” he said.

Colombia ready for first international korfball experience

With just a few days to go before the start of the 2014 Pan American Korfball Championship, the Colombian team is ready for its first international experience. Led by Pedro Sanchez, the team had an intense preparation programme over the past few months, comprising four training sessions per week. Colombia trained in the open-air coliseum that served as the successful korfball venue for last year’s World Games: a place with special memories for the players and officials of all eight countries that competed in that tournament in Cali.

Most players set to represent Colombia are students of the university la Escuela Nacional de Deporte. This university supports its students by giving those who made the selection a korfball scholarship, as well as providing the team some financial support. Most of the Colombian players selected for the national team have played korfball seriously for over a year. While some became inspired watching korfball during the World Games, only a few talented players of this new group made it to the final selection.

Every single player is eagerly anticipating the start of the tournament. For each this is their first opportunity to play an official IKF game, and the chance to finally experience the rewards of all the dedication and effort they have put into korfball over the last year.

IKF All American Korfball Championship match schedule

The IKF published the match schedule of the first IKF All American Korfball Championship; click here

The first All American title is competed between: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. The playing city is Americana in Brazil. The event days are 31 January, 1 and 2 February 2014.


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