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Dominican Republic U23 American Korfball Champion

The first IKF U23 Pan American Korfball Champion is the Dominican Republic. They beat in the final in Cali, Colombia the home team of Colombia by 18 – 14 and deserve the gold medal.

The Dominican Republic team qualifies for the IKF U23World Korfball Championship (IKF U23 WKC) in Olomouc, Czech Republic from 9 – 16 July 2016. This will be the first participation from the Dominican Republic in the IKF U23 WKC.



Development plan re-starts korfball in Dominican Republic

The office of the Vice-President and the Sports Ministry of Dominican Republic together develop a new campaign to re-start korfball in Dominican Republic. This plan tries to bring korfball into the regular education of a number of sports students in the Instituto Superior de Formación Docente Salomé Ureña (ISFODOSU) located in the two main cities in the country: Santo Domingo, the capital, and Santiago de los Caballeros. Later the program launches the practice of korfball in schools in both cities through the support of the sport teachers as guides and trainers for the teams.

This plan supports the re-start of korfball in the country some years after its introduction. The program is conducted by IKF Director of Development and Education, Mr Albert Vidanya, and IKF instructor, Mr Dani Ezpeleta. The program started 16 March 2015 in Santiago de los Caballeros after some words from Mr Jaime David Fernández  Mirabal, Sports Minister, Mr Franco Ventura,  vice rector of ISFODOSU, and Mrs Anniete Cohn-Lois, responsible for Gender in the Vice-President Office.

Activities will run two weeks, and will finish with the final happening programmed for the Friday 27 March with the two groups of ISFODOSU from Santiago de los Caballeros and Santo Domingo. They play and exhibition the game of korfball in the sports center of the capital, with the presence of several schools, the authorities and responsible of the project.

20th U19 Korfball World Cup

From Friday 3 April till Sunday 5 April 2015 the 20th U19 Korfball World Cup is played in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. Thirteen teams will be in competition in 2015. The participants travel to the Netherlands from 4 of the 5 IKF Continental Confederations.

The venues are sport centre Kalverdijkje and the Cammingha sports hall (close to each other). The U19 KWC is patronised by the International Korfball Federation (IKF); the KNKV is the organiser.

In 2015 New Zealand participates for the first time in this youth event.

The opening ceremony is scheduled Thursday 2 April in sport centre Kalverdijkje in Leeuwarden..

The U19 KWC started in 1996. Over the years the event is grown and is a fixed event in the international korfball calendar now.

The pools for the jubilee 20th U19 KWC are:

Pool A: Netherlands, England, Chinese Taipei, Catalonia, Romania, New Zealand and Brazil

Pool B: Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Czech Republic, Hungary, China and RTC U19 North*.

* The regional U19 team (RTC) is playing out of competition.

The draw is based on the IKF Ranking.

Coach education for Costa Rica pioneers

In late September IKF instructor Jorge Alves was in Costa Rica where he worked with the budding korfball community to progress the skills of a group of local coaches who will lead development in the IKF’s newest member country.

Nineteen people participated at the IKF Level II “Formation Coach” course, for a total of 35 hours, with 12 of the coaches taking part in the IKF’s on-line coach development programme.

Teaching 19 new coaches is another step forward for the Costa Rica Korfball Association (“Asociación de Korfball y Deportes Asociados”). Subsequently, on 1 November, the IKF Council approved Costa Rica’s membership application, subject to final ratification by the IKF General Meeting scheduled for November 2015 in Belgium, which should officially make Costa Rica the 63rd IKF member.

Costa Rica’s newly qualified coaches have already started to introduce korfball into primary and secondary schools, with the aim of setting up a competition in the cities of Cartago and San José.

IKF Ranking 2014

Following the IKF Continental Championships in 2014 in Americas, Africa, Asia, Oceania and Europe and the IKF U21 European Korfball Championship the IKF has prepared a new revised overall ranking.
The IKF publishes the revised ranking in general once a year.

Ranking end 2014 Ranking end 2013 Country Code Points
1 1 Netherlands NED      188.000
2 2 Belgium BEL      182.125
3 3 Chinese Taipei TPE      174.750
4 5 Portugal POR      159.875
5 4 England ENG      158.500
6 8 Czech Republic CZE      136.500
7 6 Catalonia CAT      133.000
8 9 Australia AUS      130.750
9 7 Germany GER      126.625
10 10 China CHN      117.000
11 11= Russia RUS      112.125
12 11= Hong Kong China HKG      112.000
13 15 Poland POL      111.250
14 16 Hungary HUN      108.250
15 14 South Africa RSA      101.000
16 18 New Zealand NZL        91.000
17 13 India IND        73.250
18 23 Scotland SCO        72.500
19 20 Turkey TUR        70.000
20 21 Ireland IRE        69.500
21 19 Slovakia SVK        68.750
22 22 Serbia SRB        66.000
23 17 Wales WAL        63.250
24 26 Zimbabwe ZIM        52.000
25 35 Malaysia MAS        48.000
26 27 France FRA        46.750
27 25 Sweden SWE        45.000
28 31 Korea KOR        42.250
29 24 Romania ROU        39.000
30 30 Greece GRE        35.250
31 34 Macau China MAC        34.750
32 33 Japan JPN        33.000
33 38 Indonesia INA        22.750
34= 28 Luxembourg LUX        21.250
34= 29 Armenia ARM        21.250
36 43= Brazil BRA        19.000
37 42 Zambia ZAM        17.000
38 Colombia * COL        14.000
39 32 Italy ITA        12.000
40 37 United States USA        10.000
41= 43= Malawi MAL          8.000
41= Mexico * MEX          8.000
42 36 Pakistan PAK          6.000
43 39 Bulgaria BUL          4.000
44= 40 Cyprus CYP          3.000
44= 41 Nepal NEP          3.000
46= 43= Argentina ARG          1.000
46= 43= Aruba ARU          1.000
46= 43= Belarus BLR          1.000
46= 43= Bosnia & Herzegovina BIH          1.000
46= 43= Botswana BOT          1.000
46= 43= Canada CAN          1.000
46= 43= Croatia CRO          1.000
46= 43= Curacao CUR*          1.000
46= 43= Denmark DEN          1.000
46= 43= Dominican Republic DOM          1.000
46= 43= Finland FIN          1.000
46= 43= Georgia GEO          1.000
46= 43= Mongolia MGL          1.000
46= 43= Singapore SIN          1.000
46= 43= Surinam SUR          1.000
* = prov. Member

Costa Rica 63rd IKF member

The Costa Rica Korfball Association is the 63rd member of the International Korfball Federation. The Council of the IKF approved Saturday 1 November 2014 the membership application of Costa Rica, following positive advice from IKF Americas and subject to final ratification by the IKF General Meeting in November 2015 in Belgium.

Korfball promo trip in South America

The korfball promo trip in South America is a huge success. The cooperation between IKF and KNKV contributes to the goals of spreading korfball over the world. Both in Brazil and Argentina the group of trainers and players received a lot of attention and was part in many succesful training sessions. Many students had their first experiences with korfball.

You can watch headlines in the trip. Have a look and watch the three videos produced during the trip; see under ‘Videos’ in the IKF website or the ikfchannel on YouTube.

Trip to boost korfball in South America

The first and second video of the trip to boost korfball in South America are on line. You can watch them thru the IKF website: or via the ikfchannel on YouTube.

The videos are recorded and produced in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by Mr Dani Ezpeleta (CAT). Dutch master coach, Mr Jan Sjouke Van den Bos, four Dutch U23 international players, Mr Jorge Alves (POR) and Mr Dani Ezpeleta guide and support this promotion trip. The trip is a combined effort technical and financial from KNKV and IKF.

The trip lasts till 19 October. After the visit to Brazil the group visits Argentina. Right now they are in Argentina already.

Netherlands stars boost Latin America korfball

A two-week tour by a high-powered delegation from Europe, including four Netherlands stars, will give korfball in Latin America a big boost this month.

knkv u23 at airport

Top players from the Dutch national under-23 team are accompanying KNKV’s master coach Jan Sjouke van den Bos, first to Brazil, then to Argentina, on a tour that will combine promotion, coaching and referee clinics and a pan-American international korfball tournament.

Starting in Sao Paulo, the Netherlands stars, Jelmer Jonker, Jet Hendriks, Barbara Brouwer, Marijn Van De Goorbergh and their coach, will conduct clinics in schools and universities, as well as providing training support for the regular teams located in the city of Americana.

Next they travel to Rio de Janeiro, where coach advisor Dick Kalkman of The Netherlands and referee Dani Ezpeleta from Catalonia join them. On 11 October they will be part of the National Brazilian Korfball Championship, before heading to Copacabana the next day for a beach korfball promotion on one of the world’s most famous beaches.

Leaving Brazil, they go to first Buenos Aires then La Plata in Argentina for another series of promotional activities in schools and universities, conducting clinics for physical education teachers and training with local teams.

Over the weekend of 18 and 19 October, the highlight of the tour will be the Torneo Internacional de Korfball – Argentina 2014, with national teams from Brazil and Colombia joining the host, Argentina, which will participate for the first time ever in an international korfball event.

IKF is grateful for the assistance of KNKV in setting up this tour, and also to IKF instructor and national coach of Brazil, Jorge Alves from Portugal, for co-ordinating activities.


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