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Colombia ready for first international korfball experience

With just a few days to go before the start of the 2014 Pan American Korfball Championship, the Colombian team is ready for its first international experience. Led by Pedro Sanchez, the team had an intense preparation programme over the past few months, comprising four training sessions per week. Colombia trained in the open-air coliseum that served as the successful korfball venue for last year’s World Games: a place with special memories for the players and officials of all eight countries that competed in that tournament in Cali.

Most players set to represent Colombia are students of the university la Escuela Nacional de Deporte. This university supports its students by giving those who made the selection a korfball scholarship, as well as providing the team some financial support. Most of the Colombian players selected for the national team have played korfball seriously for over a year. While some became inspired watching korfball during the World Games, only a few talented players of this new group made it to the final selection.

Every single player is eagerly anticipating the start of the tournament. For each this is their first opportunity to play an official IKF game, and the chance to finally experience the rewards of all the dedication and effort they have put into korfball over the last year.

The IKF Council

IKF Council in 2013 as elected after the General Meeting 27 October 2013 in Lisbon (POR).
From left to right:
Mr Tim MILLER (AUS), Mr Milan SCHWARZ (CZE), Mrs Helen SEARLE (AUS), Mr Gert DIJKSTRA (NED), Mr Graham CRAFTER (ENG), MR Inglish HUANG (TPE), Dr Jan FRANSOO (president) (NED), Mr Frans WALVIS (NED), Mr Frank Buvens (BEL), Mrs Danielle RUTS (BEL), Mr Les WILLIAMS (SAF)

IKF World Korfball Congress and General Meeting

Friday 25, Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 October 2013 around 50 delegates and IKF Council members are in Lisbon, Portugal for the bi-annual IKF World Korfball Congress and General Meeting. The Portuguese Korfball Federation (FPC) hosts this event.

Friday and Saturday are scheduled for the IKF Congress with sessions on competitions, new korfball formats, refereeing, changes in age groups, the international korfball calendar, communications, media, social media, equal gender, the Year of the Youth. Further the IKF President, Dr Jan Fransoo, and the FPC President, Mr. Mario Almeida, will sign the contract for the next IKF European Korfball Championship in 2014 in Portugal. A Portuguese Secretary of State will give a speech to all delegates on Friday afternoon to honor the IKF Congress.

Sunday morning 27 October is reserved for the IKF General Meeting. All 59 IKF member countries are invited. Based on the countries present in Lisbon from all over the world over 85% of all voting rights will be present in the General Meeting. The General Meeting is the last part of the official program.

New website for korfball coaches

After last IKF Level IV “High Performance Coach” course was held from 27th August – 1st September 2013, the new website for korfball coaches was launched at .

The website is created to share content about the training and coaching of korfball, so all coaches are invited to log in and share information about their training exercises. At the same time they can find information about coaching materials, courses, etc.

To participate in “Coaching Korfball” website requires logging in including personal information, therefore it will allow IKF to create a database recruiting information from persons involved in coaching at all levels: from P.E. Teachers need to find exercises for their trainings to regular korfball coaches in different parts of the world.

“Coaching Korfball” website contains different sections to feed the background of coaches formation. In the section Training exercises, you may find exercises for trainings at different levels; to IKF Education where there is information about courses and clinics. At the same time there are some other sections as Rules and Promotional , where registered coaches and P.E. Teachers can find materials to show the very basics of korfball.


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