Updated Beach Korfball Rules Released to Enhance the Sport’s Appeal and Competitiveness

The IKF is pleased to announce the release of the updated rules for beach korfball. This update is part of our continuous effort to enhance the sport’s attractiveness, competitiveness, and overall image.

Beach korfball, a dynamic and engaging variant of korfball, has seen a surge in popularity worldwide. The unique blend of athleticism, teamwork, and strategic play on the sandy courts draws players and fans alike. To maintain and build upon this momentum, it is crucial to regularly review and refine the rules governing the sport.

The updated rules have been crafted with input from players, coaches, referees, and other stakeholders within the korfball community. This collaborative approach ensures that the new rules address the evolving needs of the sport while preserving its core values and principles.

Key changes in the updated rules focus on enhancing the pace of the game, promoting fair play, and ensuring the safety of all participants. By introducing these modifications, the IKF aims to make beach korfball more exciting for spectators and more enjoyable for players. The updates also strive to create a more level playing field, encouraging competitive balance.

In addition to gameplay improvements, the updated rules also place a strong emphasis on the sport’s presentation and marketability. Clearer, more consistent regulations help streamline the officiating process, reducing ambiguities and enhancing the overall viewing experience. This, in turn, boosts the sport’s appeal to new audiences, furthering its growth and development on the global stage.

We are confident that these updated rules will contribute significantly to the continued success and expansion of beach korfball.

For a detailed overview of the updated rules, please visit our website.

We encourage all players, coaches, referees, and fans to familiarise themselves with the changes and join us in celebrating the ongoing evolution of beach korfball.

IKF Playing Rules 2022

The IKF Playing Rules Committee has published the IKF Playing Rules 2022, which can be found here.

Two years after the last update to “The Rules of Korfball”, most of the feedback received about the changes made has been very positive. The simple presentation of the rules was appreciated, as well as the elimination of rules that no longer made sense in the context of modern korfball. Therefore, there are just some minor adjustments to the published text this year, without changing any rules or game regulations except the one mentioned below.

Due to the experiments conducted in Belgium, Czech Republic, England, Hong Kong China, and The Netherlands during national competitions, the IKF has decided to make a change in the way korfball matches are conducted. To improve the quality of the game and to facilitate the refereeing, after receiving very positive reports of the experiments made, it was decided that from the 1st of September onwards, instead of having one referee and one assistant referee, the matches will be conducted by two referees with the same power and duties in the match.


IKF Playing Rules Experiments

The Rules of Korfball are defined by the International Korfball Federation and must be followed by all IKF members. However, countries may be interested in making experiments with the rules of the game, either by experimenting with changes to existing rules or by experimenting with new rules. The IKF encourages IKF members to do so in light of game development.

Following the IKF Playing Rules Experiments Procedure, the IKF informs the IKF members about this possibility every year, after which the National Federations can request an experiment at least 6 weeks before the start of the proposed experiment.

For more information, see Playing Rules Experiments Procedure 2021.


Image: Marco Spelten

IKF Playing Rules webinar for IKF referees and assessors

The IKF published the revised IKF Playing Rules last July. Following this publication, the Playing Rules Committee and the Referee Committee are organising a webinar for IKF referees and assessors on October 31, 2020, from 11:00 to 11:45 CET. In this webinar, the chairs of both committees will clarify the new approach of the playing rules, and explain some of the central ideas and goals of the revised document. During the webinar, participants can ask questions, of which the most frequently asked will be the focus of the next webinar in November.

The webinar will be recorded and shared afterwards. The moderators are Jorge Alves and Björn Elewaut.


IKF Referees and assessors are asked to register for this webinar upfront, by sending an email to Björn Elewaut (


Links to documents: (also available on

– The Rules of Korfball 2020

– The Rules of Korfball 2020 changes

– Exceptions and recommendations for competition regulations

The Rules of Korfball 2020

The IKF Playing Rules Committee (IKF PRC) has revised the korfball playing rules with the main goal of simplifying the document by making it shorter, clearer and easier to consult. Furthermore, the IKF PRC has evaluated the multiple korfball rules experiments carried out in the national competitions. This has resulted in a new version of The Rules of Korfball, which are valid as per 1 September.

The Rules of Korfball 2020 are accompanied by a document that outlines the changes made for the new version.

Links to documents: (also available on

The Rules of Korfball 2020

The Rules of Korfball 2020 changes

Exceptions and recommendations for competition regulations


Gilbert Bollaert awarded the IKF Pin of Merit

Saturday 17 March 2018 Mr Gilbert Bollaert (BEL), was awarded IKF Pin of Merit following his more then eleven (11) years service and outstanding contributions to IKF Playing Rules Committee.

Ms Danielle RUTS, IKF Executive Member, presented him the distinction after his last IKF PRC Meeting.

Gilbert BOLLAERT 20180317 Pin of Merit