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IKF Referee List 2020 published

As per usual, all national federations were asked at the end of last year to nominate referees for the IKF Referee List 2020. The IKF Referee Committee has reviewed the nominations and finalized the IKF Referee List 2020. This year, all federations were offered the possibility to nominate referees for beach korfball refereeing, as separate category. Furthermore, the IKF Referee Committee wishes to support the development of talented referees that are not on the international level yet but have a promising potential to get there.  Therefore, all federations were asked to identify their talented referees and nominate them as IKF Talent Referees if deemed desirable.

This year’s list contains a total of 69 IKF Referees, 6 IKF Beach Korfball Referees and 11 IKF Talent Referees, with a total of 24 countries represented. The IKF is very happy to see more and more countries focusing on referee development and nominating their best referees for the IKF Referee List 2020. The list can be found here.


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Referee Clinics and Workshops Chinese Taipei and Hong Kong

Mr Graham Crafter, IKF Secretary General and former Elite Referee for the IKF, conducted a two days Chinese Taipei Level B Referee Course on special invitation of Chinese Taipei Korfball Association. More than 20 candidates participated on 5 and 6 August. Mr Liu, a councelor of New Taipei City visited the Beach Korfball practical refereeing session in the Sunshine Sport and Recreation Part and expressed his interest and support to the future korfball activities in this city with the biggest population in Chinese Taipei.

After sharing his wide experience with referees from Chinese Taipei, Mr Crafter visited Hong Kong as special guest and chaired ongoing workshops on 9 and 11 August for the IKF appointed referees of the 2nd IKF Asia U19 & U16 Korfball4 Championships.

In the above mentioned referee educational events in Chinese Taipei and Hong Kong, the main focus was on the comparison among the rules of Korfball, Beach Korfball, Korfball4 (2 korfs) and 1-Zone Korfball (1 korf).

referee practical session combined with the training of TPE beach korfball squad on 6 August

IKF Honours referee Henry van Meerten with the Pin of Merit

At the recent IKF U23 WKC it was announced that Henry van Meerten, who had been an IKF referee for many years, would be retiring as an IKF International Referee.

On behalf of the IKF, Secretary General Graham Crafter presented Henry with the IKF Pin of Merit to mark his excellent service to the IKF over such a long period of time.

It was rather fitting that his last match was in the Czech Republic since it was in that country that he refereed his first international match in 2007. His last match was the bronze medal match between the Czech Republic and Germany. Lukas Filip from the Czech Korfball Association also presented Henry with a memento to mark the occasion.

IKF International Referees 2016

The IKF Referees Committee have appointed the international korfball referees 2016. As yet the committee has not decided on the various levels. They will do that in the next few weeks. We publish the list today and add the levels when decided.

The list of men and women for the international korfball events are:

Marks Megan AUS
Rosie Luke AUS
Meeus Kris BEL
Van Grimberge Tina BEL
Van der Beken Vincent BEL
Vangoidsenhoven Thierry BEL
Wensma Miguel BEL
Navarro Javier CAT
Garcia Adrià CAT
Filip Lukáš CZE
Fridřich Ondrej CZE
Lukas Pazourek CZE
Woods Dean ENG
Sieber Alexander ENG
Schwarze Martin GER
Berkel Georg GER
Anus Sandra GER
LEE Wing-hung (Ivan) HKG
TSANG Chi-Hon (Ben) HKG
Boldizsár Végh HUN
Elekes Tamás HUN
Paspulkar Rajesh IND
Dutta Deepak IND
Kumar P. Santosh IND
Dahiya Pardeep IND
Luttik Marcel NED
van Meerten Henry NED
van der Lucht Marco NED
Buis Ronald NED
Jaszczuk Bartosz POL
Osiński Piotr POL
Alves Jorge POR
Faria Carlos POR
Campilho Joao POR
de Almeida Mario POR
Theÿse Christie RSA
Velimir Čučaković SRB
Busik Peter SVK
Kotlář Ľuboš SVK
HUANG  Dan-Lin (Alice) TPE
CHIU Jon Chiang TPE
CHEN Chih-Wei (Jack) TPE
Akar Murat TUR
Akbulut Uğurtan TUR
Jones Steve WAL
Brian Muringa Fungai ZIM



IKF Ranking Match led by two Female Referees

as made today when both the referee and assistant referee were both female in a competition involving national selections. Megan Marks (AUS) and Alice Huang (TPE) officiated in the semi-final match between China and Hong Kong China in the IKF U23 AOKC.

There was a match led by two female officials before in an IKF club competition – IKF Europa Shield in 2012 – and one with a local referee assisting an officially appointed IKF referee but never with two officially appointed event referees from the IKF list.


Live webcasting Dutch Korfball Final

Saturday 11 April 2015 in AHOY Sportcentre in Rotterdam the finals of the Dutch Korfballeague 2014/2015 takes place in front of more than 10,000 spectators.

The big final (TOP/Quoratio – PKC/SWK Groep) starts 1900 PM (Rotterdam time zone). The match is guided by IKF referee Mr Marcel Luttik and his assistant referee Mr Joeri Kok.

The three matches are available thru the ikfchannel on YouTube.

1900PM – Dutch Korfball final TOP/Quoratio – PKC/SWK Groep (English commentary)

Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXuhSCUoEj4

1900 PM – Dutch Korfball final TOP/Quoratio – PKC/SWK Groep (Dutch commentary)

Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMRyKzWQ5s8

1630 PM – Dutch Korfball bronze medal match KZ/Hiltex – Blauw Wit (Amsterdam) (Dutch Commentary)

Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhl3nLNfIiQ

1400 PM – Dutch U19 / Youth Korfball final Fortuna A1 – DeetosSnel A1 (Dutch Commentary)

Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOhvunOXZBQ




Netherlands stars boost Latin America korfball

A two-week tour by a high-powered delegation from Europe, including four Netherlands stars, will give korfball in Latin America a big boost this month.

knkv u23 at airport

Top players from the Dutch national under-23 team are accompanying KNKV’s master coach Jan Sjouke van den Bos, first to Brazil, then to Argentina, on a tour that will combine promotion, coaching and referee clinics and a pan-American international korfball tournament.

Starting in Sao Paulo, the Netherlands stars, Jelmer Jonker, Jet Hendriks, Barbara Brouwer, Marijn Van De Goorbergh and their coach, will conduct clinics in schools and universities, as well as providing training support for the regular teams located in the city of Americana.

Next they travel to Rio de Janeiro, where coach advisor Dick Kalkman of The Netherlands and referee Dani Ezpeleta from Catalonia join them. On 11 October they will be part of the National Brazilian Korfball Championship, before heading to Copacabana the next day for a beach korfball promotion on one of the world’s most famous beaches.

Leaving Brazil, they go to first Buenos Aires then La Plata in Argentina for another series of promotional activities in schools and universities, conducting clinics for physical education teachers and training with local teams.

Over the weekend of 18 and 19 October, the highlight of the tour will be the Torneo Internacional de Korfball – Argentina 2014, with national teams from Brazil and Colombia joining the host, Argentina, which will participate for the first time ever in an international korfball event.

IKF is grateful for the assistance of KNKV in setting up this tour, and also to IKF instructor and national coach of Brazil, Jorge Alves from Portugal, for co-ordinating activities.

Changes in the Rules of Korfball as of 20140901

The Rules of Korfball will change as of 20140901.

The Rules will come into effect for the IKF from 1 September 2014 but countries may bring forward to an earlier date or put back the date of implementation to no later than 1 July 2015.

The revised Rules of Korfball, the Guidance notes for the Rules of Korfball and the changes are published in the IKF website as well under Documents and Playing Rules.

IKF referees in 2014

The following korfball referees are appointed international referees in 2014.

Name Country Rank
Filip Lukás CZE ELITE
Jeanes Paul ENG ELITE
Jones Steve WAL ELITE
van Meerten Henry NED ELITE
Buis Ronald NED A
Elekes Tamás HUN A
Fridřich  Ondrej CZE A
Golawski  Maciek POL A
Hoeksma Jan Henk NED A
Van der Beken  Vincent BEL A
van der Lucht  Marco NED A
Wensma Miguel BEL A
Anus Sandra GER B
Berkel Georg GER B
CHEN Chih-Wei   (Jack) TPE B
CHIU Jon   Chiang TPE B
Elewaut Björn BEL B
Faria Carlos POR B
LEE Wing Hung   (Ivan) HKG B
Meeus Kris BEL B
Osiński Piotr POL B
Van Grimberge   Tina BEL B
Woods Dean ENG B
Almeida Isabel POR C
Alves Jorge POR C
Antunes Carla POR C
Bencivenga   Domenico ITA C
Boldizsár Végh HUN C
Brian Muringa   Fungai ZIM C
Buckle Ian IRL C
Busik Peter SVK C
Campilho Joao POR C
CHIU Fei   (Marc) HKG C
de Almeida Mario POR C
Dhaiya Pradeep IND C
Diaz Jordi CAT C
Diekmann   Frank GER C
FU Zheneli   Ding CHN C
Garcia   Adrià CAT C
Grafton John IRL C
HUANG  Dan-Lin (Alice) TPE C
Jaszczuk Bartosz POL C
Kotlář Ľuboš SVK C
Kumar P.   Santosh IND C
Kumar Sandeep IND C
Ma Ding CHN C
Marks Megan AUS C
Navarro Javi CAT C
Negi Singh   Vijaypal IND C
Qin Cong CHN C
Qin Jian CHN C
Rashmi   Dorothy Sharma IND C
Rosie Luke AUS C
Schwarze   Martin GER C
Sieber   Alexander ENG C
Theÿse   Christie RSA C
TSANG Chi Hon   (Ben) HKG C
Turchányi Bálint HUN C
Vargas Antonio Guijarro CAT C
Velimir   Čučaković SRB C
Voda Tomás CZE C
YE Tsung-Chi   (Mike) TPE C