International Korfball Federation largely cancels 2020 International Calendar

In an extraordinary meeting of the IKF Executive Committee, joined by the Vice-Presidents for Asia and Oceania, the International Korfball Federation has decided to largely cancel or postpone its 2020 international competitions. The global spread of the Covid19 epidemic effectively precludes many international competitions to be held, and creates so much financial and organizational uncertainty to hosts and competitors that many decisions to cancel events can no longer be postponed.

The U21 World Korfball Championship (Taipei, TPE), Asian Korfball Championship (Seoul, KOR), European Korfball Championship/A (Antwerp, BEL), and European Korfball Championship/B (Wroclaw, POL) have all been postponed to 2021.

In coordination with the IKF, the Royal Dutch Korfball Association has decided to cancel the U17 Korfball World Cup (Eindhoven, Netherlands), and U15 European Korfball Championship (Drachten, Netherlands). Both events had been patronaged by the IKF.

Decisions with regard to the Beach Korfball World Cup (The Hague, Netherlands) and Asian U16/U19 Korfball Championship (Udon Thani, Thailand) have been deferred to a later date. The qualifying round for next year’s Europa Cup has also been canceled, and the IKF will review the situation for next year’s Europa Cup and Europa Shield in light of the developments of the various national leagues in Europe. Most European countries have suspended their leagues until further notice.

Jan Fransoo, President: “The IKF is very sad having to take this decision, which was inevitable. Foremost, the health and well-being of all athletes, officials and fans is our first priority. In addition, hosts are currently facing high financial risks and we need to enable them to develop contingency plans early on. We are in close contact with our major event organizers and will be in touch with all event hosts over the next few weeks to further discuss the consequences for the 2020 and later events”

This decision, along with the earlier decision of the International World Games Association to postpone The World Games to 2022, will have major consequences for the entire competition calendar of the IKF for 2021, 2022, and potentially 2023. The Executive Committee in its meeting today reviewed all options and will consult with host cities and other stakeholders over the next few weeks. It is expected that the revised competition calendar for the upcoming years will be announced before the end of April. Decisions with regard to next year’s Europa Cup and Europa Shield will be made latest by July 1, 2020. The final decision with regard to the Beach Korfball World Cup will be made not later than June 1, 2020.


The World Games in Birmingham (USA) moves to July 2022

The International World Games Association (IWGA) and Birmingham Organising Committee (BOC) have agreed to postpone the 11th edition of The World Games until 7th to 17th July 2022. The Games had originally been planned to take place from 15–25 July next year.

The International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) decision to move the Tokyo Olympic Games to July 2021 made a significant impact on the planning of The World Games in Birmingham, Alabama. Keeping to the original dates in July 2021 would have meant excluding many athletes and officials involved in the Olympics, and would have led to a potential reduction in public and media interest. When the IOC announced its decision, the BOC urgently set about assessing what alternative dates might be viable, particularly as regards venues and accommodation. Meanwhile, the staff of the IWGA were establishing when the vital services provided by key partners, such as SwissTiming and International Sports Broadcasting, could still be made available.

It soon became clear that only one 10-day period existed in which venues, accommodation and key partner support could be guaranteed: 7–17 July 2022. The IWGA Member Federations with sports on the programme gave their full support to delaying The World Games, and the joint decision of the IWGA and BOC Boards to adopt these new dates was unanimously approved by the federations in a video conference.

Jan Fransoo: “The IKF understands and fully supports the decision made by the IWGA and BOC to postpone the World Games until 2022, and has full confidence that the 2022 Games will be a great celebration of sports. With the Olympic Games being moved to 2021this was the most viable option to do justice to the Games in Birmingham. The IKF would like to expresses its gratitude towards everyone involved within the IWGA and BOC for the quick acting after the announcement of the IOC. Having the new dates for the event available creates clarity and enables us to look at the consequences of this decision for the international korfball competions calendar. The IKF Executive Committee will meet within the next few days to discuss the impact of the new dates for The World Games on the IKF competition calendar for 2020-2023. Also other effects of the current corona crisis will be part of that discussion.”

Bob de Die, IKF Honorary Life President, passes away

It is with great sadness that the International Korfball Federation has learnt of the passing of Bob de Die, Honorary Life President of the IKF and recipient of the Olympic Order, at the age of 86 at his residence in the Netherlands, in the company of his wife Margareth.

Bob de Die will be remembered as the sixth President of the International Korfball Federation, serving at the helm of the governing body of the world’s exclusively mixed gender team sport from 1988 until 2003. During his Presidency, the IKF obtained recognition by the Global Association of International Sports Federations and later by the International Olympic Committee. During his vice-presidency, from 1981 until 1988, the korfball entered into the program of the World Games. From 1993 until 2005 he also served as Senior Vice-President of the International World Games Association. Bob was truly engaged with the development of the sport, having a particular impact on the development of the international competition calendar and the embedding in international multi-sports bodies.

Bob de Die was active as a korfball administrator during his entire life, always as a volunteer. Already at the age of 13, he joined the Executive Committee of his local korfball club in Leiden. In 1969, he became a member of the Executive Committee of the Royal Netherlands Korfball Association. Bob was instrumental in establishing the merger of two rivaling national korfball associations in the Netherlands in 1973, bringing about a single governing body for korfball in the Netherlands, with close to 100,000 registered members. During a considerable part of his membership of the Royal Netherlands Korfball Association Executive Committee, he assumed the office of Vice-President.

Bob was awarded the Honorary Life Presidency of the International Korfball Federation upon his retirement in 2003. At that time, he was also awarded the Olympic Order for his extensive service of many decades to the Olympic Movement. He was also an Officer in the Knighthood of Orange-Nassau, and a Honorary Life Member of the Royal Netherlands Korfball Association. In 2005, he received the GAISF Award for his service to sports.

After his retirement, Bob remained following the development of korfball and The World Games closely. After his health deteriorated and he was unable to leave home, he was an avid watcher of korfball matches from all over the world via livestream on his computer. In the meantime, he kept in touch with many fellow korfball and world games administrators from his generation through frequent emails. Always positive and constructive, always looking forward to help develop sports.

Jan C. Fransoo, current IKF President: “Bob de Die brought me into the International Korfball Federation as a volunteer administrator and later on convinced me to take on the job as Secretary General in 1997. From that period onwards, he has had a major impact on my development as a sports administrator. I will remember him for his positive and realistic outlook, and for ensuring me that good governance is what matters across sports. We wish his wife, children and grandchildren lots of strength in going through this difficult period.”

Due to current restrictions, the funeral will be in a small family setting. We will later have the opportunity to celebrate Bob’s life.


The picture shows Bob de Die receiving the GAISF Award in 2005 after his retirement from the IWGA Executive Committee. The Award was presented by GAISF President Verbruggen and witnessed by IWGA President Froehlich

Stay healthy and safe! – an update from the IKF President

As the Novel Coronavirus has been spreading across the globe, the associated disease COVID-19 is taking more and more people ill and causing deaths, and the unprecedented global governmental restrictions affect almost everyone on the planet now, the world seems to almost come to a standstill. This also includes the world of sport and – of interest to all of us – the world of korfball. I realize this situation raises lots of anxiety and concern regarding your professional and personal life. In this respect, korfball is only of a minor importance as you all prioritize the critical matters in your life.

For our national organizations that have had to cancel leagues and events, the current situation along with the high uncertainty leads to many complexities to be considered. In addition, large financial losses and risks are present that may affect their financial health in the upcoming years. Many of our national organizations are also dependent on government funding. Unfortunately the impact of the virus on government finances may imply reduced public funding to be available to sport for an extended period of time. At the IKF, we are aware of the many challenges that you are facing, and we have been in touch with quite a few of you to exchange communication. I want to explicitly thank all our national organizations for the responsibility they have taken with regard to their national leagues and the safety of their korfball community, and also for their continued rapid responses to any of our requests for information.

In this update, I would like to explain how we at the IKF have been handling the issues that have been arising with the global spread of this pandemic. Up until this date, we have decided to cancel the IKF U16/U19 Asian Korfball Championship in Thailand and the IKF U19 Open European Korfball Championship in the Netherlands. For both events, we still keep options open to host the event at a later time this year, but the current uncertainty is such that we do not have any actual planned alternative date.

For the events in June, July, and August we have developed a timeline for reviewing and decision making. This timeline has been communicated to all national organizations. In particular for the IKF U21 World Korfball Championship in Taipei in July, we have conducted an inventory among the participating countries, and we appreciate the full disclosure of the status of their travel plans with us. Simultaneously, we have been coordinating with the Local Organizing Committee in Taipei and the public authorities on the island of Taiwan to get an insight into the developing health measures taken on the island, the technical and health limitations of a championship in July, and the investigation of potential alternative dates later this year. Before the end of this month, we will hold a hearing where the team managers of the participating teams have been invited, along with representatives from the LOC, and the IKF medical and athletes committees. The IKF Executive Committee will have a (online) meeting on April 4 to review the entire situation and we are planning in that meeting to make a decision regarding the IKF U21 WKC and also review the timeline for other events. Despite the rapidly changing situation, we will try to make decisions for global and large events ideally about three months before the scheduled event. For smaller regional events, where feasible, we will try to make the decision closer to the event date. In the meantime, we request all teams and hosts to try and limit their financial exposure with any planned events. It is realistic to expect over the next months, and maybe even years, that there is a risk of date changes and cancellations relating to any international korfball event. Deposits will be returned if an event needs to be canceled.

In the mean time, we need to rely on helping each other in need. First, this obviously relates to your family, friends, and anyone else that is close and dear to you. It also requires, for the general health situation, to observe all recommendations of the World Health Organization with regard to personal hygiene, social distancing, and any other advice being provided by them. As a korfball community, we very much rely and value personal relationships. These contacts in many cases will need to move online now. I ask you to not forget friends in your korfball community that may need help, even if this is only taking some time for a video call for those that may be lonely. Take care of each other, and eventually our korfball community will be become even more tightly connected.

Stay healthy,


Jan Fransoo





IKF U19 Open European Korfball Championship 2020 canceled

Today the Netherlands government, in coordination with the Netherlands Olympic Committee, decided that all sports events will be canceled until the end of this month. This includes training and preparation activities.

While the U19 OEKC is starting 10 days after this period ends, the disruption in sports is huge. It is not at all unlikely that this period will be extended. Moreover, travel restrictions in Europe are increasing day-by-day, and a number of countries have imposed travel restrictions on the Netherlands. Effectively, this current decision of the Netherlands government, along with multiple decisions of other governments implies that the U19 Open European Korfball Championship unfortunately will need to be canceled on the earlier announced dates of 10-12 April 2020. The International Korfball Federation and the Royal Dutch Korfball Association have jointly concluded this today. We will review in due course whether an option can be created to organise the championship at a later date. At this stage, however, this is unclear and no commitment can be made for that.

We realise that on the one hand the cancelation of this event is a major disappointment for the athletes and officials that have been preparing for this event for such a long time. At the same time, health considerations are critical, not only for our athletes and officials, but also in relation to our joint responsibility to combat this virus.

We would like to thank the KNKV and the Local Organising Committee for the extensive efforts they have conducted in the preparations of this event.

IKF World Ranking update (up to 31 December 2019)

After the last IKF official events that took place during the last months of 2019, the IKF World Ranking has been updated. You can check the latest ranking up to 31 December 2019 on the following link:


The ranking criteria as previously published is as follows:

  • The IKF World Ranking 2018 (from 1 July 2018) is based on the revised world ranking criteria 2018, approved by the IKF EXCO in June 2018.
  • Due to the continuously development of  korfball around the globe and the establishment of  the IKF Competition Calendar 2018-2021, an update of the world ranking criteria was required.
  • For the IKF World Ranking, the total number of points of each country is determined by adding:
    1 . The basic points of each country, according to overall participation and development.
    2. The points from IKF National Team Events of each country according to its ranking on IKF official events and the specific weightings, over the last four-year period.
  • Points for the ranking are mainly earned through participation in official IKF National Team Events, according to the classification of each country and the specific weightings, over the last four-year period.
  • Weights are given to different continental competitions to reflect the prestige of the tournament and to ensure that ratings are comparable across regions.
  • A year weighting is implemented to reward teams for most recent participation and performances and in order to prevent all games over the four-year period from carrying the same weight and receiving the exact same value.
  • If there is a specific qualifying round event for a main World, Continental event, the countries that do not qualify for the final round of a championship will still be given a position according to the final ranking obtained in the qualifying round event and will earn points according to it. The points earned in the qualifying rounds will only be added to the World Ranking when the points of the main event are added.
  • The official IKF World Ranking will be published:
    – immediately after each IKF World Korfball Championship, The World Games and IKF U21 World Korfball Championship;
    – immediately after the last IKF Continental Korfball Championship and IKF U21 Continental Korfball Championship, of the year;
    – in December of each year, with the addition of the Basic Points of that year.


Header image (left): Marco Spelten


IKF postpones Asia U19 & U16 Championship in Thailand

The IKF Asia Executive Committee has decided today to postpone the 4th IKF Asia U16&U19 Korfball4 Championship, which was due to be held in Udon Thani (Thailand) from 29 March until 4 April 2020.

In the past weeks, the IKF Executive Committee, the IKF Competitions Committee, the IKF Asia Executive Committee and the IKF Asia Competitions Working Group, in close collaboration with the Korfball Association of Thailand (KAT), have monitored the developments in relation to the outbreak of the Coronavirus 2019-nCoV in China and the subsequent developments in Asia and the rest of the world.

While Thailand currently still faces a very limited number of identified infection cases, the situation has had a major impact on public life in the host country of the Championship. Moreover, many flights in the region have been canceled, making travel more difficult.

Given this situation, the IKF Asia Executive Committee yesterday has decided to postpone this championship until further notice. This decision has been made in close coordination with the KAT and the IKF. It is currently too early to announce new dates. We will remain in close contact with the KAT to review the situation.

We realize many U19/U16 national teams have spent considerable time and effort preparing for the event to be taking place later this month, but at this stage this is the only possible decision to take, in the benefit of the players, both in terms of potential health risks, and in terms of the overall championship experience.

Further events in Asia later this year: IKF U21 World Korfball Championship in Chinese Taipei

The IKF are aware of the international concerns about the spread of the Coronavirus, largely impacting China but also being detected elsewhere. It is important to note that, unlike Thailand,  Taiwan is an island that is physically separated from the China mainland and the local authorities in Taiwan have imposed a ban on anyone entering who has resided or visited mainland China in the 14 days before arriving in Taiwan. For those that are allowed to enter, they have imposed strict health check requirements at all international airports for passengers from mainland China and ask all other foreign visitors to undertake a health check for heightened temperatures and symptoms associated with the virus. None of public authorities of the U21 IKF WKC countries have imposed travel bans to the island of Taiwan due to this outbreak and officially a limited number of cases have been detected on the island of Taiwan.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely, and will keep the communication lines open, but at this stage we expect that all precautions are being taken and that the U21 IKF WKC will proceed as planned. We encourage all countries to take out travel insurance as should occur for travel to any international event. Furthermore, we strongly advise you to book flights to Taipei that do not connect in mainland China or Hong Kong, but travel on a direct flight from your home country or from Europe. We expect to provide further updates by the end of March.

KAT reveals the logo of the 4th IKF Asia U16 & U19 Korfball4 Championships 2020

Korfball Association of Thailand revealed the logo for the upcoming IKF Asia U19 & U16 Korfball4 Championships 2020. This is the 4th edition of this Korfball4 event which is going to take place in Udon Thani (provincial capital city in Northeast Thailand) from 29th March to 4th April 2020. Matches will take place in Udon Thani Hall, Central Plaza.


(4/2/2020) Latest rules announcement available on:


Event info:


IKF Referee List 2020 published

As per usual, all national federations were asked at the end of last year to nominate referees for the IKF Referee List 2020. The IKF Referee Committee has reviewed the nominations and finalized the IKF Referee List 2020. This year, all federations were offered the possibility to nominate referees for beach korfball refereeing, as separate category. Furthermore, the IKF Referee Committee wishes to support the development of talented referees that are not on the international level yet but have a promising potential to get there.  Therefore, all federations were asked to identify their talented referees and nominate them as IKF Talent Referees if deemed desirable.

This year’s list contains a total of 69 IKF Referees, 6 IKF Beach Korfball Referees and 11 IKF Talent Referees, with a total of 24 countries represented. The IKF is very happy to see more and more countries focusing on referee development and nominating their best referees for the IKF Referee List 2020. The list can be found here.


(c) Header image:

Bec KC is the champion of the IKF Europa Shield 2020!

The English Bec Korfball Club repeats as champion in this 2020 edition of the IKF Europa Shield after beating the Catalan CK Vallparadís in today’s final. The German KV Adler Rauxel was able to win the Czech Brno KK in an intense and tight Bronze medal game.

From 24 to 26 January 2020 the IKF Europa Shield 2020 has been taking place in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany. During this 3-day tournament, eight club teams from seven European countries were competing to win this year’s edition organized by Korfball Deutschland.

Let’s celebrate another exciting and intense IKF Europa Shield and the great organisation of the local club TuS Schildgen. Congratulations to all participants, officials and volunteers for their enthusiasm and collaboration in such a great event.

This is the IKF Europa Shield 2020 final ranking:

1st place: Bec KC (ENG)
2nd place: CK Vallparadís (CAT)
3rd place: KV Adler Rauxel (GER)
4th place: Brno KK (CZE)
5th place: TuS Schildgen (GER)
6th place: Kocaeli University (TUR)
7th place: GD Bons Dias (POR)
8th place: KS Defenders (POL)

Gold medal: Bec KC (ENG) - Photo:

Gold medal: Bec KC (ENG) – Photo:

Silver medal: CK Vallparadís (CAT) - Photo:

Silver medal: CK Vallparadís (CAT) – Photo:

Bronze medal: KV Adler Rauxel (GER) - Photo:

Bronze medal: KV Adler Rauxel (GER) – Photo:

All games can be watched again on IKF Youtube live streaming channel with all the statistics, results, scorers and rankings on ► and on IKF social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. More info, all results, image galleries and videos can be found on ►

DAY 3 Final results (Sunday 26.1.2020)

 Time Teams  Result  Video/Stats
8:45 Semi-final 1 Bec KC (ENG) – Brno KK (CZE) 16-13 📺 / 📊
9:50 Semi-final 2 CK Vallparadís (CAT) – KV Adler Rauxel (GER) 18-12 📺 / 📊
10:55 For places 7/8 GD Bons Dias (POR) – KS Defenders (POL) 21-7 📺 / 📊
12:00 For places 5/6 TuS Schildgen (GER) – Kocaeli Univ. (TUR) 27-9 📺 / 📊
13:10 Bronze medal Brno KK (CZE) – KV Adler Rauxel (GER) 12-14 📺 / 📊
14:20 Final Bec KC (ENG) – CK Vallparadís (CAT) 22-9 📺 / 📊

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Day 3

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