IKF ECup 2014 final day

VKC Kolin – NC Benfica 10-24 (5-12)

NC Benfica showed supremacy on all korfball skills during this match decisive for bronze. Especially the rebound was perfect which gave enthusiastic attackers many opportunities to create an early gap.

It has been mentioned that Portugal is preparing for a surprise later this year during IKF EKC and it must be said, they are well on their way.

As for the team from Czech Republic, although never a real challenger in this game, it is heart warming that after a couple of years with minor results, they seem to be back on stage.

IKF ECup 2014 final day

State University HSS – KC Benfica 30-23 (17-14)

The match started well for the Russian players (8-4) but even then it was clear that, just like the days before, success was too much depending on the supremacy of just two players.

Already by the break the Catalans had dealt with the matter and had taken the lead. When HSS proved to be unable to change the tactical plan, Barcelona, slowly but surely, strolled towards an easy win after all. securing the 7th place.

Trojans KC – SG Pegasus 18-24 (7-14)

Was it that the team of Trojans spent too much energy in the match against he Catalans whereas the Germans had a far more easier task against The Russian team? In any case at some moments there was the impression that especially physically they under go the law of the strongest.

Throughout the tournament  surprised the spectators with very fluent play, much determination and a tremendous group of supporters. A team hard to beat in the German competition, we may imagine!

An clear infringement on purpose from an English player proved that this would not be the moment of victory for Trojans. Both teams are to be congratulated for a great tribute to korfball community!

IKF Europa Cup finals on Saturday

Saturday 18 January the following matches are scheduled to decide on  the ranking for the first eight places. Tomorrow the 48th winner of the Europa Cup will be known.

Saturday 18 January 2014
10.00 Match Q KC Barcelona State University-HSS winner 7th; loser 8th
12.00 Match R Trojans KC SG Pegasus Rommerscheid 1991 e.V. winner 5th; loser 6th
14.00 Match S VKC Kolin NV Benfica winner 3rd; loser 4th
16.00 Match T PKC/Hagero K.Boeckenberg K.C. winner 1st; loser 2nd
17.30 Medal and closing Ceremony

IKF ECup 2014 day 3

K Boeckenberg KC – NC Benfica 33-11 (16-3)

Boeckenberg from the beginning tried to control the game by a full court press in defense. As a result passing was difficult for Benfica and many misunderstandings occurred. The second Belgian attack took much time but even then it became clear that no surprise was to be expected. At that moment only Luise Costa had been successful for Benfica.

The Belgians had a comfortable lead at half time. They did not field their strongest team to be able to prepare for the final in optimal conditions.

Same scenario in the second half. Benfica was incapable to benefit from Belgian tactical changes. Just one of the reasons was a disappointing scoring percentage (11/90). But then it seemed that the struggle for bronze on the final day was the important issue.


IKF ECup 2014 day 3

State University HSS – SG Pegasus 23-30 (11-14)

The major concern of the Germans must have been to prevent the talented Kazachkov from scoring too many.  Obviously, in the first half, they very well succeeded due to a 26% scoring percentage from mainly male players.

Also in the second half the Russian tactical plan remained too predictable with the focus on two main attackers. The Germans took care of a decent setting in the attack zone, with good rebound opportunities and assists. As a result Pegasus gained confidence and precious time went lost for the team of Orel.

This could mean that we would have a traditional England-Germany on the final day as it was so often the case in past IKF Europa Cups.

IKF ECup 2014 day 3

KC Barcelona – Trojans KC 23-24 (14-11)

Spectators watched a very exciting first half time. At this stag it was just impossible to predict a final outcome.

Some nervous play by the Catalans was countered by longer English attacks.  As it was often the case in the past, this was more than just a struggle between two different type of styles. In the past years nations and clubs from the Iberian peninsula started to claim a top 4 European ranking.

In the beginning of the second half Trojans managed to narrow the gap with the equaliser with 21′ to go.  (David Brooks 15-15) Too many infringements from the Catalans and English girl power gave a lead to Trojans KC, time for the Catalan coach to think of a plan.

As the game moved on towards the end, bad passing and nervous play kept both teams from creating a sustainable difference in score (Alvarez 21-20 with 8′ to go)

23-23 with one minute on the clock meant that everyone started hoping for a golden goal but Goodridge with her second of the match decided otherwise!


IKF ECup 2014 day 3

Edinburgh City KC  FJEP Bonson 5-27 (4-14)

Day 2 brought what spectators need to get thrilled by the sport. An exciting close game between the Russian and the Czech competitors. Beautiful actions of PKC and Boeckenberg that proved that there is still a way to go for challengers outside Belgium and The Netherlnads to contest the supremacy of the oldest korfball nations and a very tactical game of Benfica, a confirmation that there is nothing wrong with the long term vision in Portugal.

As for the game that was to decide about the last two places, it was clear at half time that Bonson had the better skills and more accuracy that their Scottish opponents. Despite the early starting time, spectators enjoyed very much the enthusiasm of both teams.

Same play in the second half. The French team managed to double the score while as the Scots only marked one goal.

After the final whistle both teams gave a big performance in building communities!

IKF Europa Cup matches for Friday scheduled

Under Events you may find the 6 matches scheduled for Friday 17 January. The first match starts at 1030 AM (Amsterdam time).

The live webcasting starts as well at 1030 AM.

IKF Europa Cup Opening Ceremony impression

Wednesday 15 January all 12 teams, all referees, jury members and other officials participated in a very well organised opening ceremony. The spectators in the PKC venue gave all participants and officials a warm welcome while entering the floor in the spotlights.

On behalf of the IKF, mr Milan Schwarz, President of IKF Europe, made a presentation to welcome all teams and officials. Het did thank the KNKV and the PKC/Hagero organising committee for their great preparations. The vice chair of PKC, mr Bertjan Scheepbouwer, made a presentation to welcome everybody in Papendrecht (NED) in the korfballvenue of PKC/Hagero. He underlined the importance of respect towards each other and great competitiveness in the matches.

Let the best team win the 48th IKF Europa Cup!

IKF Europa Cup day 2 photo impression

The LIVE webcasting on the ikfchannel on YouTube attracts many visitors. Friday and Saturday we will continue our Live webcasting. As of 1030 (Amsterdam time) the Friday matches start on the ikfchannel.

We include a photo impression of day 2.


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