OSTU-USS  – FJEP Bonson 32-11 (18-2)

The French at least gave the impression that they would struggle to avoid a walk over. Good defense from the male players could not prevent however that more athletic power on the Russian female side resulted into a 6-2 lead after 10 minutes.

When Kazachkov, one of the best scorers during the recent World Games in Colombia, regained confidence with very accurate shots, French enthusiasm faded away  (18-2)

Same spectacle after tea, the French unable to find solutions to disturb Russian attacks and not capable to score out of too few chances!

The results of this first day may result in new ways to organise the tournament.


IKF ECup day 1

SG Pegasus – 1908 SZAC KSE 31-10 (13-6)

The time that Riviera, as the first Belgian club, won the Europacup after beating PKC in Bochum (Germany) by the score of 5-4 is long gone.

At half time of the first game of the 2014 edition the score was already 13-6. This was the result of better tactical play resulting in longer attacks and an outstanding shooter on the German side, Fabian Kloes.

The supremacy of the Germans after tea was obvious. Not much effort to clinch the game with 31-10 with a thrilling shot just before the final buzzer.

For Hungary Jenna Tran performed more than well. She scored 5 out of a very few attempts.

KC Barcelona – KC Zemun 31 – 10 (12-2)

Catalonia proved in a recent past to be able to field strong club teams. This was no different  in the second match of the day. Without any major efforts the Catalans managed a comfortable lead at half time (12-2).

Secure shooting form José Alvarez left no hope for the courageous Serbs. With exactly 8 players they were unable to make changes and had to play very carefully to avoid any kind of injury

IKF Europa Cup 2014 final day

Important message. The IKF Europa Cup 2014 final day Saturday 18 January 2014 is sold out.

At the moment there are still tickets available for Wednesday 15, Thursday 16 and Friday 17 January at the entrance of the PKC/Hagero venue in Papendrecht (NED).

IKF and Mikasa agree renewed ball agreement

Following detailed discussions, the International Korfball Federation (IKF) and the Mikasa Corporation have agreed a new four-year sponsorship agreement for the provision of international match balls.

Under the agreement, for four years from 1 January 2014 all major IKF events will be played with the Mikasa K5-IKF as the international standard match ball. This agreement replaces the previous four-year agreement between the two, which expired on 31 December 2013.

IKF Senior Vice-President Frans Walvis said both parties are happy to continue their long-standing association. “Both Mikasa and IKF strive to achieve the maximum quality in what we do. Korfball benefits from the high quality product that Mikasa delivers. For the past four years, the Mikasa K5-IKF, which was a bold step forward from previous ball designs, has helped project korfball as a unique, dynamic and innovative sport. Our players appreciate and enjoy the handling characteristics and aesthetics of the ball, which quickly became an integral part of our sport’s image. “We are delighted that Mikasa has agreed to continue the relationship, and we look forward to working together to further enhance korfball as a sporting and spectator experience,” he said.

“Mikasa Corporation is exceedingly honoured in being able to renew the contract and its partnership with IKF, supporting their international korfball events and promoting the growth of the sport of korfball all over the world by providing all the people the right products for the sport”, Mikasa announced. new release

Tuesday 7 or Wednesday 8 January 2014 the IKF will launch the completely redesigned version of

This on line software system serves the IKF jury in major IKF Events. The jury keeps control of the matches with the support of the software and the connected database. They register players, referees, coaches, scorers, substitutions, reversible substitutions, yellow and red cards; all match related actions. Second goal of the on line system is to give korfball spectators from all over the world the opportunity to follow the game as well behind their Pc, laptop, tablet and/or smartphone. There is an Android app as well.

The redesigned system follows the changed IKF rules – including the reversible substitutions, integrates with news form the IKF website and integrates with the ikfchannel on YouTube.

The 48th IKF Europa Cup in Papendrecht (NED) will be the first IKF event with the redesigned jurysoftware.

The first version of the software was released just before the IKF World Korfball Championship in 2007 in Brno (CZE).

IKF U21 European Korfball Championship

The next IKF U21 European Korfball Championship (IKF U21 EKC) will be played in Olomouc, Czech Republic, in the period 6 – 12 July 2014. Twelve teams will participate in this U21 korfball championship. The Netherlands is the reigning champion since the last event in 2011 in Hungary. The original host in Turkey did withdraw.


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