Chinese Taipei wins Championships in 1-Korf Korfball4 Format

After retaining 2-Korf titles Chinese Taipei continues their dominance in 1-Korf format by winning the finals in both the age groups U19 & U16. Taipei defeated Hong Kong in U16 finals by 17-3 goals. Malaysia U16 wins the Bronze medal in a close encounter against Thailand with a narrow margin of 1 goal.
In the U19 category of 1-Korf Chinese Taipei secured gold medal by defeating China by a massive margin. China could score only 2 goals in a reply of 15 goals scored by Chinese Taipei. Ya-Ni CHU from Taipei had a commanding game and was involved in sealing the win. Once again Malaysia could finish with the bronze medal with the win over 8-5 goals against Thailand. Even with the loss, Thailand made quite an impression with their skills and talent in both the categories.

1-Korf Final Rankings

Final Rankings

MVP in Different Categories:

1. U16 2-Korf Male MVP: Pacharaphat Snpaiboonphol (Thailand)
2. U16 2-Korf Female MVP: Pei-Chun Tsai (Chinese Taipei)
3. U16 1-Korf Male MVP: Yu-Hsin Chen (Chinese Taipei
4. U16 1-Korf Female MVP: Wing-Ka Lam (Hong Kong)
5. U19 2-Korf Male MVP: Sheng-Chieh Lin (Chinese Taipei)
6. U19 2-Korf Female MVP: Suet Ying Foo (Malaysia)
7. U19 1-Korf Male MVP: Lotion Cao (China)
8. U19 1-Korf Female MVP: Ya-Ni CHU (Chinese Taipei)

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3rd IKF Asia U19 & U16 Korfball Championships 2018: Day 4 Results & Images

As Day 4 action of the 1-Korf progresses we are getting close to having a clear picture of ranking spots. Only six more matches to go in order to know the finalists. Mainly there were no surprises on Day 4 of the U19 & U16 championships, except Hong Kong defeated China in U16 (11:6). Malaysia took the revenge of their yesterday’s loss in 2-Korf format from Thailand. This may be attributed to obviously different game tactics used in both the formats. Taipei remains undefeated on Day 4 and close to reserve their spot in the finals. Tomorrow in the second half we will have finals and other ranking matches for the 2-Korf format.

Games can be followed live on Facebook page on 14 and 15 April 2018 Live results, matches schedule, game statistics, play-by-play, scorers and ranking pools will be available live from GYMNASIUM, THE AFFLILIATED JHONGLI SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL (JLSHS) OF NATIONAL CENTRAL UNIVERSITY.

Results day 4














3rd IKF Asia U19 & U16 Korfball4 Championships 2018: Day2 Results & Images

The second day was committed to Korfball4 with 1 korf format. The highlight of the day was the arrival of team Sri Lanka. They were received with a warm welcome from Chinese Taipei Korfball Association.

Thailand U16 team defeated China U16 by a margin of 6 goals, final tally at the end of match stood 12-6. This is an encouraging feat for the newest member of the korfball community. Thailand U16 also showed some resistance against the defending champions Chinese Taipei U16 by scoring 8 goals against 16 of Chinese Taipei.

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3rd IKF Asia U19 & U16 Korfball4 Championships Fixtures are out

Mark your calendar as IKF Asia U19 & U16 fixtures are out. It starts from Tuesday 10 and ends with final on Sunday 15 April 2018 in Taoyuan City, Taiwan (Chinese Taipei), 3rd IKF Asia U19 & U16 Korfball Championships 2018 will take place; with 6 teams from Asia will compete to be crowned as the best team in Asia. The participant teams are Chinese Taipei, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Thailand will have their first international appearance.

Games can be followed live on Facebook page on 10,14 and 15 April 2018 Live results, matches schedule, game statistics, play-by-play, scorers and ranking pools will be available live from GYMNASIUM, THE AFFLILIATED JHONGLI SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL (JLSHS) OF NATIONAL CENTRAL UNIVERSITY.


IKF U19 Open European Korfball Championship

In a little under two months the 30, 31 March and 1 of April the National U19 teams of Belgium, Brazil, Catalonia, Czech Republic, England, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal and Turkey will face each other at the IKF U19 Open European Korfball Championship 2018 in Friesland, The Netherlands.

This year’s U19 tournament is a special one, while for the first time ever this long existent event has got an official IKF status. In 1996 the former district of the Royal Dutch Korfball Association (KNKV), Friesland, organised an inaugural tournament for U19 players from countries all over the world. The tournament was the idea of the late Jan Hanekroot who was then the IKF Development Officer for England. The first edition involved five countries and was very successful and since then the Junior World Cup, later converted into Korfball World Cup, has grown throughout the years in quantity and quality. A great achievement!

The Netherlands’ representation in the tournament began with a regional Frisian team and was followed in subsequent years by the Junior Talent Team from District North, now named The Netherlands RTC North. Since 2008, the national under 19 squad has been participating in the tournament. In this year’s edition The Netherlands RTC North will complete the participants of the event for the last time. Starting with 2019 only National teams of countries will be allowed to participate.

From now on the former IKF patronaged U19 Korfball World Cup will continue as a biannual IKF U19 (Open) European Korfball Championship altered with a biannual IKF U19 World Korfball Championship. This automatically means that in the future the IKF U19 events are open for bidding for all IKF member countries. Nevertheless, the first IKF U19 World Korfball Championship in 2019 already has been allocated to the Dutch Royal Korfball Federation (KNKV).

The 13 teams of the 2018 edition are divided into three pools. On the first day of the tournament most of the pool matches will be played. The remaining pool matches will be played on the first part of the second day. Later that day the 8 highest placed countries will play the quarter- and semi-finals. While the 5 lowest ranked teams will continue their tournament in a new pool. On the third and last day the final classification will be decided and will it become clear who can call themselves IKF U19 Open European Korfball champions of 2018.

Each match (except the final day) will last two times 15 minutes real playing time with a 4-minute halftime break. If there’s no winner after regular playing time, a golden goal period of 5 minutes will decide who comes out as winner.

Would you like to see the korfball talents of each country live? Visit the event during the Easter weekend at ‘t Kalverdijkje in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. The first match is scheduled to start at 9:00 AM on the 30th of March. The final match is scheduled to start at 2:45 PM on the 1st of April, after which the medal ceremony will start at 4:00 PM.

More info, pools & playing schedule you can find at:


Livestreaming of the games & interviews:
Livestream: Hall 1
Livestream: Hall 2

Social media profiles:
Instagram IKF U19 OEKC
Facebook IKF U19 OEKC
Twitter IKF U19 OEKC

Hans Vroegh, long-time international development volunteer, dies at 76

The IKF regrets to announce the passing of Mr Hans Vroegh, bearer of the IKF Pin of Merit, at age 76, following a progressive disease. Mr Vroegh has spent all of his life supporting the development of korfball, with in particular during the past decades an emphasis on international development. He was one of the key figures behind the “Apeldoorn Youth Tournament” which later developed into the IKF Youth World Cup, and invitation tournament for national U23 teams, and for the international development committee of the KNKV East District. Later, after moving to the North of the Netherlands, he also supported the U19 Korfball World Cup for some years. Within the IKF, Vroegh had been active as referee instructor and as development officer for India and Indonesia. He was awarded the IKF Pin of Merit in 2012.

Mr Vroegh is survived by his wife, two children and four grandchildren. A mourning ceremony will be held on January 10 in Oldeberkoop, Netherlands.

19th U17 Korfball World Cup (info, report, videos & photos)

[UPDATED 26/June/2017] Again the 19th U17 Korfball World Cup (U17 KWC) will take place in 2017 in Sportcenter Dioscuren in Schijndel, The Netherlands.

For the first time at the U17 Korfball World Cup there will be a livestream of the final games.

Sunday, June 25th

16:10h: 1st – 2nd place: NED – BEL

15:00h: 3rd – 4th place: ENG – TPE

Final Classification:
1. The Netherlands
2. Belgium
3. England
4. Chinese Taipei
5. Germany
6. Hungary
7. Czech Republic
8. Catalonia
9. Portugal
10. KNKV RTC South

Best players:
Female: 5 – Hui-Yu Chu (Chinese Taipei)
Male: 10 – Theo Nowak (Germany)

Fair Play Cup: Germany

Day 1 Images (Saturday):
Day 2 Images (Sunday):

– – –
PREVIOUS INFO (15/June/2017)

This event will take place Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 June 2017.

For more information on participants and the tournament format: CLICK HERE

You can follow it on:
– Official website:
– Facebook:
– Twitter:
– Event:

Event organized by KNKV, KV De Boemerang, and patronized by IKF.

U19 Korfball World Cup 2017 ranking

After another exciting event in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, the final ranking in the U19 Korfball World Cup 2017 is:

  1. The Netherlands
  2. Chinese Taipei
  3. Belgium
  4. Czech Republic
  5. Dominican Republic
  6. England
  7. Catalonia
  8. Portugal
  9. Germany
  10. Hungary
  11. Hong Kong China
  12. Poland
  13. China

Belgium was beaten in an exciting semi final by the team from Chinese Taipei 12-11. The Dutch U19 team overpowered the Czech team in the second semi final 25-5. In the bronze medal match the Belgian team won clearly from the Czech Republic 15-7

The Dutch youngsters, with Leon Simons, – former Dutch international – as coach, proved in all matches high quality qualifications both technical as tactical. The U19 KWC final showed quality korfball between Chinese Taipei and the Netherlands. At half time – after 20 minutes real playing time – the score was 6 – 13 and the difference was made as result of high scoring percentages of the Dutch team. In the second half the Dutch players continued their excellent match and extended the lead. The final whistle by referee Peter Busik showed 16 – 28 on the scoreboard. The Netherlands wins the U19 Korfball World Cup 2017.

U19 KWC 2017 IMAGES:
Fri, 14th:
Sat, 15th:
Sun, 16th:

U19 Korfball World Cup 21st edition starts: Live streaming links & schedule

The 21st edition of the U19 Korfball World Cup starts!

Thursday evening 24 March 2016 is the opening ceremony in sportcentre ‘t Kalverdijkje, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. The opening starts 19.30 PM (CET) [live here:].

From Friday 25 till Sunday 27 March a record 15 countries compete to become the next U19 KWC champion. The Netherlands is the reigning U19 KWC champion. HongKong China and Dominican Republic are first time participants in this youth event.

Watch all U19 KWC games in live streaming in the following links:
SportsHall 1 –
SportsHall 2 –
SportsHall 3 – (streaming not available)

You can follow the tournament in the following links:

Also on IKF social media profiles:

The full match schedule is available: Click here for complete matchschedule, including pools


The Netherlands: New U17 Korfball World Cup 2016 champion

The 18th edition of the U17 Korfball World Cup 2016 in Schijndel has a champion: The Netherlands, after beating the Belgium squad in the final 26-12.



The bronze medal game was played between England and Catalonia, which ended in favour of England 16-17 after a golden goal.


Final classification:


Best players:
Shane Buckland (England) & Esmery Dahiana Martinez (Dominican Republic)

bestfemale BESTMALE2

Fair Play Cup:


Tournament results:

r1 r2

All the tournament scores, stats and photos in the following links:

Also on IKF social media profiles:

Photos by Esther van Heertum and Nathalie Kruidenier ( – –
































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