The World Games 2022 – Korfball Press Kit


What is korfball?

Korfball is a dynamic and fast paced, mixed-gender team sport, specifically designed for men and women to play together. The playing field is divided into an attach and defence zone, each zone has one post. A team is allowed to have eight players on the field, two players of each gender in each zone.

The players in the attach zone try to score by throwing the ball through the opposition’s korf. The players must cooperate by passing the ball and creating space, since no player is allowed to walk, run or dribble with the ball. Only minimal body contact is allowed, so tackling, blocking and holding are not allowed. Each player must defend a player of the same gender, and try to prevent this player from scoring.

The International World Games Association has published a beginners Guide to Korfball, an interesting short video explaining the main rules of the game. This video can be found here.

All rules of korfball can be found in The Rules of Korfball 2022. 

Event booklet
We’ve created a Media/ Press information factsheet where you can find information about the sport of Korfball, The World Games, team roster (including athlete’s names and playing shirt numbers), athlete interviews and also information about Korfball in the USA!
Photo: Macro Spelten

Photo: Macro Spelten

Team’s Info

BEL   BEL Flag CHN   CHN Flag CZE   CZE Flag GER   GER Flag NED   NED Flag POR   POR Flag SUR   SUR Flag TPE   TPE Flag


Jessica LOKHORST (Female), Esther CORDUS (Female), Barbara BROUWER (Female), Brett ZUIJDWEGT (Female), Sanne VAN DER WERFF (Female), Daan PREUNINGER (Male), Fleur HOEK (Female), Olav VAN WIJNGAARDEN (Male), Terrenc GRIEMINK (Male), Harjan VISSCHER (Male), Alwin OUT (Male), Laurens LEEUWENHOEK (Male), Jelmer JONKER (Male), Anouk HAARS (Female)


Stien REYNTJENS (Female), Lisa PAUWELS (Female), Shiara DRIESEN (Female), Julie CALUWE (Female), Lauren DENIS (Female), Saar SEYS (Female), Lars COURTENS (Male), Jordan DE VOGELAERE (Male), Kian AMORGASTE (Male), Cedric SCHOUMACKER (Male), Jari HARDIES (Male), Amber ENGELS (Female), Lennert IMPENS (Male), Brent STRUYF (Male)


Ines SANTOS (Female), Catarina FRADE (Female), Luise RUIVO (Female), Isabel ALMEIDA (Female), Sofia GOMES (Female), Catarina CORREIA (Female), Beatriz GUITA (Female), Tomas LOURENCO (Male), Tiago LUZ (Male), Hugo FERNANDES (Male), Joao ALMEIDA (Male), Sebastiao CONDADO (Male), Pedro CORREIA (Male), Julio RUIVO (Male)


Jammy ZHAO (Female), Maria ZHANG (Female), Sunny WANG (Female), Cindy LI (Female), Joy FU (Female), Cici CHEN (Female), Hanna HU (Female), Cliff CHEN (Male), Griffin ZHANG (Male), Austin WANG (Male), Issac LI (Male), Ricky XIAO (Male), Travis TANG (Male)


Dominika DRABKOVA (Female), Vendula JEMELIKOVA (Female), Eliska ZIEGLEROVA (Female), Klara NOVAKOVA (Female), Sara SAHATCIU (Female), Nela KUBU (Female), Rostislav KORTUS (Male), Petr SNAJDR (Male), Petr PESAK (Male), Jan TOUFAR (Male), Alexandr VYROUBAL (Male), Petr GALICEK (Male), Vlastimil KREJCI (Male)


Ya-Wen LIN (Female), Cin CHEN (Female), Chien-Chin PENG (Female), Shu-Chi CHANG (Female), Yi-Wen WANG (Female), Kai-Yeh LO (Female), Ya-Han CHAN (Female), Chun-Hsien WU (Male), Chieh-Sheng CHANG (Male), Han-Sheng CHIU (Male), Chun-Ta CHEN (Male), Wei-Jhe TAI (Male), Chen-Yu KAO (Male), Tzu-Yao HUANG (Male)


Jaleesa CLAVER (Female), Sandy RAMLAL (Female), Zane VORM (Female), Romy BRAUMULLER (Female), Dyani PFALTZGRAFF (Female), Tamera VAN DER STELT (Female), Gerald VAN DIJK (Male), Ivan KARSTERS (Male), Randell VAN DER STEEN (Male), Delano BRAUMULLER (Male), Vladimir SLOT (Male), Wayne STIENSTRA (Male), Vikash MAHADEW MISSIER (Male), Sharona VAN DER KOOYE (Female)


Johanna TREFFTS (Female), Johanna GNUTT (Female), Jana KIERDORF (Female), Anna ORTH (Female), Lea SANDER (Female), Pascal DEMUTH (Male), Jan Robert HEMING (Male), Timon ORTH (Male), Steffen HEPPEKAUSEN (Male), Hannah HEILMANN (Female), Lucas WITTHAUS (Male), Dag-Bjoern HERING (Male), Thomas FREUND (Male), Lea WITTHAUS (Female)


18 Kian Amorgaste
16 Lars Courtens
17 Jordan De Vogelaere
20 Jari Hardies
19 Cedric Schoumacker
24 Lennert Impens
46 Brent Struyf
7 Julie Caluwé
8 Lauren Denis
5 Shiara Driesen
21 Amber Engels
4 Lisa Pauwels
3 Stien Reyntjens
9 Saar Seys
Coach: Detlef Elewaut


All the korfball matches at The World Games will be available to watch for free on the IKF live streaming service available on and the IKF YouTube channel
Matches on the final day are also available on The World Games website or on the Olympic Channel.

Click on the Playlist icon in the top menu video below to access all the videos from The World Games’ korfball competition