IKF U19 WKC match schedule finalised after withdrawal of Morocco

Due to unexpected VISA problems, the team of Morocco had to withdraw their participation for the IKF U19 WKC 2019 in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. Despite of multiple initiatives from within Morocco and support from the International Korfball Federation and the Dutch umbrella organisation for sports NOC*NSF it has not been possible to acquire the requested VISA on time.

A very unfortunate and painful situation for the Moroccan Federation and even more for the players of the Under 19 National Moroccan team who seriously prepared for this event.

The withdrawal of Morocco means that the tournament now continues with 12 countries. The adjusted match schedule can be found at the IKF U19 WKC event page.


Participants IKF U21 Asia Oceania Korfball Championship 2019 known

From 20 to 25 May the IKF U21 Asia Oceania Korfball Championship (AOKC) is being held in Shaoxing, China. Today, the IKF announces the countries who will be participating in Shaoxing. This tournament functions as a qualification for the IKF U21 World Korfball Championship 2020 in Chinese Taipei. Which positions in the final ranking equal qualification will be announced later.

At the IKF U21 AOKC, six countries will be participating to become the U21 Asia Oceania Korfball Champion. These countries are:

  • China
  • Chinese Taipei
  • Hong Kong China
  • New Zealand
  • Sri Lanka
  • Thailand

The games can be followed through the live scores on

Dot Sport new domain name IKF websites

The International Korfball Federation (IKF), has decided to acquire a new domain name portfolio for its websites; “.sport” The .sport Internet extension replaces the .org domain and is a project of the Sport community.

Effectively this means that the domain name of the three current IKF websites have been amended:

  • Main IKF website with all organisational and general korfball information
  • IKF tournament website with tournament information, statistics and live streams
  • IKF beach korfball website with all information about beach korfball (events)

The project is entrusted to the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF), who manages and operates the whole project. GAISF, established in 1967, is the umbrella organisation for both Olympic and non-Olympic international sports federations. GAISF includes 92 full members (international sports federations; including the IKF) and 17 associate members (organisations which conduct activities closely related to the international sports federations). GAISF’s mission is to support, promote and serve its members and the global sport community by providing services in various fields, including digital development.

In the crowded and complex world of the internet, the use of a .sport domain gives the IKF a greater degree of visibility and searchability and, because of the criteria applied by GAISF, confers approval and membership of an exclusive community. Possessing a unique and identifiable domain is a symbol of each organisation’s trust, authenticity and visibility within the sports movement, and offers successful applicants a significant brand-building tool with increased commercial opportunities.

Since the launch of the. sport initiative in September, when GAISF officially began accepting applications, over 200 organisations have registered for a domain. This includes major events organisers, brands, broadcasters, media outlets as well as other International Sport Federations.

Launch event logo and communication campaign IKF World Korfball Championship 2019

With just over 6 months to go before the start of the IKF World Korfball Championship (WKC) 2019 in Durban South Africa, held from 1-10 August, the South African Korfball Federation has launched the WKC event logo.

The launch of the event logo initiates the start of the communication campaign towards the IKF WKC 2019. So from now on it is recommended to carefully watch the IKF Social Media Channels.

The first communication that can be expected from the side of the IKF is the official confirmation of the 20 participating countries in South Africa, in the beginning of February. Before the end of the same month also the announcement of the tournament set-up will be shared, including the pool draw procedure and pot composition.

The WKC pool draw itself shall be done publicly and will be conducted during the IKF Under 19 World Korfball Championship from 19-21 April in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. The exact date and time of the draw will be communicated at a later stage.

Bonson (France) host city Beach Korfball World Cup (Europe) 2019

The IKF is happy to announce that the next edition of the IKF Beach Korfball World Cup (Europe) 2019 will be hosted in Bonson, France.

The event will take place in the weekend of 6 and 7 July 2019 and subscription is open for all countries around the world. Just like the last years the event will consist of a Senior and U19 category. The best ranked European team in both categories will become European Beach Korfball Champion 2019.

Decisive in granting the organisation of the event to the Fédération Korfbal France (FKF) is the fact that the FKF is getting full support of the municipality of Bonson. From the beginning of the bidding process the municipality showed great ambition and willingness to host the event within its borders. Bonson is located in the heart of the Loire department in the beautiful Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region close to Saint-Etienne. With the presence of the oldest korfball club in France, FJEP Bonson (founded in 1983) it is clear that the city already knows the power of korfball.

With the introduction of the Beach Korfball World Cups last year, the IKF invests in the global development of beach korfball. Every continent now has the opportunity to organise a World Cup. It is more than likely that in 2019 another Beach Korfball World Cup will take place in the continent of Asia. Confirmation of this event is expected before the end of the year.


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Krisztina Kövessyné Pogány (HUN) awarded the IKF Pin of Merit

Just before the start of the medal ceremony of the IKF U21 World Korfball Championship in Budapest, Krisztina Kövessyné Pogány (HUN) was awarded with the IKF Pin of Merit.

Over the last decade the Hungarian Korfball Association has organised multiple successful IKF events, including: (U21) EKC Final Round, EKC First Round and Club events. Ms Kövessyné Pogány has had a leading role in most of these events and always has been able to combine outstanding organisational skills with a warm and emphatic communication style, doing the utmost to make the participating countries and involved officials happy.

On behalf of the IKF Council, Tilbert La Haye (IKF CEO) presented her the well deserved IKF distinction.

IKF appoints Geke Maat as IKF administrative and project officer

The International Korfball Federation is pleased to announce the appointment of Geke Maat (23) as IKF administrative and project officer. She will support the operational organisation of the IKF Office in Zeist, The Netherlands.

Her tasks will be multiple, including administrative tasks, IKF Office communication and coordinating the IKF tournaments organisation. Furthermore, she will think along how to increase the support of the IKF to our member countries.

Geke just graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a master’s degree in Conflict Resolution and Governance (political sciences). Her thesis focused on the influence of sport on the social integration of refugee living in refugee shelters in The Netherlands. One year earlier, she obtained a bachelor in Anthropology, also at the University of Amsterdam.

Geke Maat: “I am very excited about working at the IKF and the prospect of contributing to the organisation’s goals. I am particularly interested in broadening the popularity and professionalism of korfball in the current member states, as well as in future member states. Sport has always been one of my key interests, both in my education and my personal life. Therefore, I am grateful that I can pursue this interest in my career outside university. I have been playing korfball myself since I was four years old, so I know the sport thoroughly.”

The IKF is very happy to have Geke on board and wishes her all the best within the organisation!

Amendment IKF U21 World Korfball Championship tournament schedule

The IKF regrets to announce the amendment of the IKF U21 WKC tournament schedule, due to the late and unexpected withdrawal of the U21 Dominican Republic squad.

The National Korfball Federation of Dominican Republic (FEKORD) just informed the IKF that, despite of earlier affirmation of their national government, the necessary funding is missing to make the trip to Europe and participate in the IKF U21 WKC in Budapest, Hungary. A sad and unfortunate decision for the talented Dominican team and of course the other participating countries.

There will be no replacement of the Dominican Republic team. With just over a month to go until the start of the event it is not possible to find a (competitive) replacement. This means that the tournament will be played with 11 instead of 12 participants.

Please find underneath the final tournament composition. The exact tournament match schedule you can find at the event information. The IKF is confident that with the confirmed countries a successful U21 WKC event will take place.


1 NED Netherlands TPE Chinese Taipei
2 BEL Belgium GER Germany
3 ENG England CHN China
4 CZE Czech Republic POR Portugal
5 HKG Hong Kong China HUN Hungary
6 Withdrawal DOM Dominican Republic TUR Turkey


Job opening: IKF administrative and project officer

Job opening: IKF administrative and project officer (0.63 fte)

The International Korfball Federation (IKF) is now looking for an all-round administrative and project officer to support the operational organisation of the IKF Office in Zeist, The Netherlands. The successful person should be versatile and passionate about working in sports and in an international environment.

The IKF encourages anyone interested and capable to apply. If you know someone in your network that would fit the job description, then please don’t hesitate to refer the position to them.

About the IKF

The International Korfball Federation has been the governing body for korfball in the world since 1933. Korfball is the only mixed gender team sport in the world. Korfball started over 110 years ago in the Netherlands. Korfball is played on all five continents and there are about 70 IKF member countries. Further controlled growth is expected in the years to come.

The IKF is recognised by the International Olympic Committee and is a member of ARISF, IWGA and GAISF. Our anti-doping rules comply with the World Anti-Doping Code.

The IKF is largely a volunteer organisation supported by a small administrative staff. The office in Zeist is the centre of daily activities to support Competitions, Refereeing, Development and Education, Marketing and IT, Anti-Doping, Planning and Control, Administration, and Public Relations.

The IKF is led by a nine-member Council that is elected by the General Meeting of National Associations. Many volunteers work on committees and events to realise elite competitions, courses and development activities, and promote healthy and fair sport.


Knowledge of the English language (minimum upper intermediate level) and at least one other language (preferably Dutch and/or Spanish) is a must. Sports must be a demonstrable and substantial part of your education (MBO or HBO) and working experience.

You are a self-starter, proactive and able to work efficiently to deadlines and push projects to completion even when you depend on others. You will be able to identify important facts from details. You will be sensitive, discrete and trustworthy. To perform your work effectively, you need to be flexible, curious and keen to learn. It is important to adapt your way of working for different people and different cultural circumstances.

The role is not limited to standard working hours and out of office hours working is required. In general, you will be expected to be present at the IKF Office (Zeist, The Netherlands) twice a week. You have excellent Microsoft Office 365 skills and should be used to work with social media.

Key responsibilities

IKF Office:

You will be responsible for the IKF secretary and administration tasks, for example:

  • General email and hard copy post management
  • Acting secretary of the overall IKF organisation, including secretarial support of the IKF CEO and IKF Committees
  • Managing the IKF document folders, including arranging and saving files
  • Keeping Office inventory, contact details of IKF Committees and IKF Member Associations up to date
  • Preparing and sending out standard letters, certificates, booklets, etc.

IKF Competitions:

You will manage the overall coordination of the IKF Competition Calendar, including;

  • Preparing and sending out invitation letters for IKF tournaments
  • Managing registration processes
  • IKF tournament planning deadlines

Social Media and Communication:

You will have access to the IKF website ( and will be expected to;

  • Keep documents and general information up to date
  • Preparing news items for upcoming events and other announcements
  • Develop best practice for providing information to the IKF National Federations


You will be involved in internal and external (development projects), including tasks like;

  • Event coordination
  • Establishing contact with partners
  • Follow up actions regarding Development and Education projects

Contract and salary

The IKF offers a one-year contract of 24 hours (= 0.63 fte) per week. There is possibility to extend the contract.

The salary is in accordance with the Dutch collective labour agreement in the sport industry (CAO Sport), classified at scale 6. The corresponding monthly salary has a minimum of €2134, – mounting to a maximum of €2993, -, for a full-time appointment. The final salary will depend on qualification and experience.


You should send your application, including CV and reasons for applying by email. Your application must be written in English and should be directed to the IKF CEO, Tilbert La Haye ( no later than 30th April 2018. For more information you can contact Tilbert La Haye: +31-614033775 or

Belgium (Blankenberge) host of the IKF Beach Korfball World Cup (Europe) 2018

The IKF is happy to announce that the Royal Belgian Korfball Federation (KBKB) will host the IKF Beach Korfball World Cup (Europe) 2018. The event will take place on the weekend of the 11th and 12th August 2018 and will be held in Blankenberge, Belgium. The best ranked European team will become European Beach Korfball Champion 2018.

With the introduction of World Cups, the IKF invests in the global development of beach korfball. Every continental organisation has the opportunity to organise a World Cup in 2018 and every country from all over the world is able to participate in each of the events. This can lead to at most 5 World Cups:

  • IKF Beach Korfball World Cup (Europe)
  • IKF Beach Korfball World Cup (Asia)
  • IKF Beach Korfball World Cup (Oceania)
  • IKF Beach Korfball World Cup (Africa)
  • IKF Beach Korfball World Cup (Americas)

The bid of Belgium to organise the IKF Beach Korfball World Cup (Europe) 2018 surpassed the competitive bid of the Turkish Korfball Federation (TDSF). Decisive in this process was the overall picture by the KBKB, presenting the event in a wider “Korfball Experience” approach to promote (beach) korfball in Flanders. This includes a side event for youth teams and recreational teams during the Championship weekend and a tournament for schools at the end of June. In Blankenberge, there is two kilometres of beach available, so having enough playing space for all beach korfball activities is not an issue!

Next summer it will be 15 years since two small clubs outside Antwerp started playing beach korfball. Since then beach korfball has grown significantly. In 2010, the Belgian Federation started a taskforce to organise a beach korfball tour across Flanders, which has been converted into an official committee within the Federation. To date, the highlight is the year of 2015 with more than 1200 participants in the korfball tour. This has left no doubt that the 2018 event will create a special 15th anniversary!