IKF Auditing Committee open call

The IKF is looking to fill 3 vacant seats in the IKF Auditing Committee. The IKF is looking for 1 member and 2 deputy members. We invite interested candidates for these vacancies to apply before 16 September 2021.

About the IKF

The International Korfball Federation has been the governing body for korfball in the world since 1933. Korfball is played on all five continents and there are about 70 IKF member countries.  The IKF is recognised by the International Olympic Committee and is a member of ARISF, IWGA and GAISF. Our anti-doping rules comply with the World Anti-Doping Code.

The IKF is led by a nine-member Council that is elected by the General Meeting of National Associations. Many volunteers work on committees and events to realise elite competitions, courses and development activities, and promote healthy and fair sport.

About the IKF Auditing Committee

It is the duty of the Auditing Committee to examine the financial administration of the IKF, its balance sheet and the profit and loss statement, as well as any other matters in the IKF financial administration. The Council is obliged to give the Auditing Committee any information it requires and to permit inspection of any documents. If the Auditing Committee agrees on the balance sheet and the profit and loss account, it shall propose to the General Meeting that these documents are accepted.


  • Knowledge of the English language (minimum upper intermediate level) is a must.
  • Knowledge of accounting and an analytical understanding of budgets and balance sheets is a must.
  • Knowledge of Dutch legislation is a plus.


If you are interested, or if you would like to know more, please send an email with your name and contact details to


Please send your application or expression of interest before 16 September 2021 to the IKF Office:

Any candidate must have the support of the relevant national korfball federation.

Note: This is a call for volunteers. We do not solicit commercial applications for service provisions. Please refrain from developing any commercial proposal based on this text.